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HTX announces technology assessment program

TORONTO – The Health Technology Exchange (HTX) has launched a program to support the acquisition and assessment of innovative Medical and Assistive Technologies (MATs) by Ontario-based clinical institutions.

For the participating clinical institution, the program facilitates access to leading edge MATs at little to no direct financial cost. For Ontario-based small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), the program provides a local evaluation of their technologies in a clinical-institution to help validate specific benchmarks and support clinical benefits, which will ultimately add market value and enhance commercialization opportunities.

The program was supported by roundtable discussions held in April 2007, which engaged both HTX clients and stakeholders to determine the future strategic directions of the organization and its programs.

“The roundtable findings suggested that HTX should explore ways to open up the Ontario healthcare procurement system,” said President and CEO, Dr. Morris (Mickey) Milner, explaining that traditionally, supply chains have acted as a barrier to small Ontario-based MAT companies. “This will help accelerate the rate at which these technologies are adopted,” added Milner.

A peer review committee will assess submissions based on the commercial viability, clinical benefit and competitive aspects of the product. Eligible SMEs must demonstrate an existing relationship with an Ontario-based clinical institution and provide an evaluation overview that details what benefits the company will gain from a technology assessment.

HTX will accept Expressions of Interest up to and including December 5, 2009 and invitations to submit a Full Proposal will be requested upon review.

About HTX - The Health Technology Exchange (, supports and accelerates the growth of the Medical and Assistive Technology (MAT) sector in Ontario, and nationally. HTX provides funding programs, knowledge brokering, and linkages to facilitate the development and commercialization of innovative MAT products. HTX is known for both its responsiveness to clients and ability to add value from Invention to Innovation to International Invoice by providing services and connections that speak to validation, clinical expertise, technology assessment, procurement, intellectual property, prototyping and industrial design.