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MED2020 and AdapCS form alliance

OTTAWA and KINGSTON, Ont. – MED2020 Health Care Software Inc. has joined forces with Kingston, Ontario-based AdapCS.Canada to bring sophisticated decision support tools to MED2020’s extensive client base.

AdapCS.Canada specializes in technology solutions with a focus on clinical and financial outcomes, including accountability and access to care.

MED2020 brings a variety of health information management solutions to the Canadian market and seeks partners that have synergy with the company’s aims. AdapCS.Canada was chosen as a technology partner because of its Canadian expertise and understanding of the Canadian healthcare sector.

Michael Martineau, MED2020’s Chief Operating Officer, said, “health information management professionals consistently tell us of their need for strong data analysis tools. The technology that AdapCS.Canada has developed is a natural fit into our software offerings and enables MED2020 to add yet another product to its ever widening portfolio.”

He added that, “AdapCS.Canada has a long-term relationship with Kingston General Hospital, an existing MED2020 client, so AdapCS is well-placed in understanding the importance of timely, relevant clinical data that permits organizational and performance-related study and decision-making”.

“Our team at AdapCS.Canada includes members with a practical clinician background,” says AdapCS.Canada President and CEO, John Marshall. “This understanding of the challenges facing resource and time-challenged healthcare professionals enabled us to develop a software solution that empowers hospitals to understand their healthcare delivery from a clinical, financial and geographic perspective.

MED2020’s reputation and an extensive client network meant that AdapCS.Canada welcomed the opportunity to form a strategic alliance. Our union means increased autonomy for hospitals as they proactively measure and analyze data that offers valuable demographic and peer analysis information.”

About MED2020
MED2020 is a leading provider of modular health information management solutions for the healthcare industry and is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. Solutions are offered to assist in capturing, reporting and analyzing health data to support enhanced information sharing, encourage informed decision making and streamline facility operations. MED2020’s flagship product, WinRecs™, is installed in over 400 hospitals and clinics across Canada and is the foundation on which the MDS 2.0 solution is based. For more information, please visit

About AdapCS.Canada
AdapCS.Canada was founded in 2003 by Dr. John Marshall and John Lott of Kingston, Ontario and AdapCS.Canada Inc. of Marina, California, with the assistance of PARTEQ Innovations, the technology transfer office of Kingston General Hospital and Queen’s University. AdapCS.Canada offers information technologies and services for the Canadian healthcare market that focus specifically on clinical and financial outcomes, accountability and access to care.