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Husky gives Stollery hospital $100,000 for monitors

EDMONTON – Husky Energy president and CEO John Lau presented a cheque for $100,000 to Stollery Children’s Hospital, enabling the medical centre to buy four state-of-the-art pediatric emergency room monitors.

At the event, Lau also urged the business community to step up and donate more to the community and public institutions.

“Under current economic and financial crises, it is more important than before for those who can afford to support the community to do so,” Lau said.

“Husky believes that Canada’s corporate sector has a responsibility to work with other institutions to ensure that our next generation of citizens is prepared for the challenges of the future.”

Lau said the four monitors will provide a living legacy by helping improve the quality of medical care to children in Western Canada, where many of Husky’s employees live and work. The energy company is headquartered in Calgary.

The Stollery is the western Canadian referral centre for pediatric heart surgery and transplantation. More than 22,000 children are treated there each year.

In accepting the $100,000 cheque, Jennifer Wood, president and CEO of the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, said that thanks to the donation, emergency staff will be better able to diagnose problems and recommend more precise treatment plans.

She added that the $100,000 donation is the beginning of a “great partnership” between Stollery and Husky to ensure that children receive the best care available.

“With this donation, you will help more and more children overcome the odds, beat their illness or injury and go home to their families sooner and healthier,” said Wood.