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Wait times

Ontario invests $11.6 million in surgeries

TORONTO – Ontario is setting aggressive wait time targets for general surgeries, as part of an expansion of its Wait Time Strategy. General surgery targets are being set for procedures such as gall bladder removal, hernia repairs, anorectal and some intestinal surgeries. Targets are also being set for orthopaedic and ophthalmic surgeries.

Targets for each surgery are set in four categories, ranging from urgent to elective surgery. Where urgent surgery is required, targets are less than 24 hours for general and ophthalmic surgeries and one week for orthopaedic surgery.

For all three surgery groups, cases of mild or occasional symptoms and elective surgeries, targets range from 12 to 26 weeks.

Current wait times are below the provincial target in all three areas. Ontario is also investing $11.64 million in funding for 8,240 additional general surgery procedures to help ensure that these times remain on target.

Wait times are available by hospital at

“Our Wait Time Strategy is working – more Ontarians are getting the care they need sooner,” said David Caplan (pictured), Minister of Health and Long-Term Care. “That’s why we’re expanding our strategy so that wait times continue to decline.”

“Ontario’s healthcare providers have risen to the wait time challenge over the past three years and I am confident we will see the same good results with general surgery,” said Dr. Alan Hudson, Provincial Lead, Wait Time Strategy.

Wait time is defined as the time between when the surgery is ordered and when it is performed. Ontario’s Wait Time Strategy has invested $1.1 billion to deliver 1.69 million procedures since 2005.