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Regional dictation, transcription in Waterloo area

CAMBRIDGE, Ont. – Several hundred physicians, radiologists, clinicians and transcriptionists at the Region of Waterloo and Wellington County’s group of hospitals will be able to review and sign-off dictated, transcribed reports, and then share them with their colleagues throughout the regional network.

AnyWare Group, of Saint John, N.B., announced that AnyWare Group’s Role-Oriented Access Management (ROAM) management software.has been selected as the connectivity backbone of a new Regional Dictation and Transcription System (RDTS), ensuring that healthcare providers have secure, real-time access to dictated patient reports from any hospital or remote location.

Users will be able to access clinical information quickly and securely, wherever and whenever they need it – whether they are working from home, at a clinic, or on the road. In addition, regional partners have been successful in combining and sharing workflow processes, standards, policies and procedures, and disaster recovery plans. As a result, transcription, reporting and storage of patient information will be more consistent, while the clinical document handling will be more efficient and timely for improved communication and patient care.

“Hospitals in the Waterloo-Wellington region are committed to embracing new technologies that make information access, retrieval and exchange much simpler and more cost-effective,” said Gerry Verner, chief executive officer, AnyWare Group. “This new dictation system, based on ROAM, will prove extremely valuable by helping healthcare providers and administrators make more informed decisions, improve productivity and, ultimately, enhance the patient experience.”

For the past two years, ROAM was available to hospital physicians, managers and administrators to remotely access patient data, desktop applications and other services. During that time, AnyWare Group worked closely with Cambridge Memorial Hospital’s Information Management Technology (IMT) department to integrate the ROAM-based portal with the dictation and transcription applications.

Lanier Healthcare Canada of Toronto provided applications for dictation, transcription and speech recognition, as well as the regional system components that make up the core RDTS infrastructure hosted at Cambridge Memorial Hospital.

Phase One of the implementation, which enabled voice dictation via telephone on one unified system, went live in August 2007. Phase Two linked Cambridge Memorial Hospital users to the remote access portal in February, to Grand River Hospital in March, and to St. Mary’s General Hospital in May 2008, providing the three hospitals with regional system and report accessibility. Phase Three will extend the new voice recognition technology to the existing users and provide dictating clinicians with the opportunity to dictate, edit, sign-off and distribute their transcribed reports safely and securely, in real-time.

“Our goal is to move toward having patient information accessible and immediately available among all of the hospitals, using one system throughout a patient’s journey,” said Alasdair Smith, Vice President Finance and Administrative Services at Cambridge Memorial Hospital and spokesperson for the project. “With AnyWare Group as our technology partner, we can continue to provide many new creative initiatives that greatly benefit our employees, our patients, and the entire Waterloo-Wellington region.”

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