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Nightingale’s EMR adds decision support for DI

KITCHENER, Ont. – Medicalis Corp., a provider of diagnostic imaging Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tools, announced that it has reached an agreement with Nightingale Informatix (, an Electronic Medical Record provider to sites across Canada and the U.S., to embed the Medicalis diagnostic imaging Clinical Decision Support tools into Nightingale On Demand, a web-based EMR solution.

Nightingale’s decision to embed diagnostic imaging Clinical Decision Support tools directly into their Nightingale On Demand application places them on the leading edge of EMR companies delivering significant clinical and administrative benefits to physicians in their offices.

This will be available first to physicians in Nova Scotia this fall with availability across North America thereafter.

Continuous advances in diagnostic imaging procedures such as CT, MR and PET, have made it increasingly difficult for physicians to stay current with changing best practices. This has led to an environment where 7-10% of diagnostic imaging procedures ordered are inappropriate, where a different procedure or no testing at all would be clinically preferable.

Medicalis’ diagnostic imaging Clinical Decision Support tools are designed to plug into EMRs and CPOEs using advanced Web-Services to make simple the delivery of complex diagnostic imaging Clinical Decision Support in the context of a physician ordering a test.

The physician’s experience is similar to prescription-drug databases currently embedded into the ordering workflow of EMRs. Physicians using Nightingale On Demand will be able to place diagnostic imaging orders in the same way that they always have, and only when there are alternative tests to consider, they will be seamlessly presented with these options in the Nightingale On Demand EMR.

This process delivers the evidence-based practices from leading diagnostic imaging and imaging sources while the physician is considering tests for their patient. The seamless experience eliminates the interruption required to reference text books or online websites.

About Nightingale
Nightingale is one of the fastest growing health care service and software companies in North America, with over 5.3 million patient records under management in a hosted (ASP) environment. It is recognized as an industry leader in Web-based clinician and community based electronic medical records (EMR) serving the needs of small primary care practices, multi-physician outpatient clinics, and large scale regional health organizations and networks. Coupled with integrated practice management, transcription and revenue cycle management, Nightingale’s comprehensive service offering allows customers to enhance patient care, increase revenue opportunities and optimize operations. Nightingale is continuously innovating and enhancing its services to meet the needs of its growing and diverse customer base. Nightingale - Healthcare connected.

About Medicalis Corporation
Medicalis is a leading provider of healthcare information technology and Clinical Decision Support for diagnostic imaging. Medicalis delivers web-based clinical and integration services to physicians, providers and health plans to provide advanced diagnostic imaging solutions that improve quality and efficiency of diagnostic services. Medicalis delivers solutions that provide clinical guidelines for use at the point-of-care, point-of-service and point-of-analysis that address the issues of unnecessary testing, resource utilization and patient safety.