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Chronic disease management

Diabetes centre selects Healthphone solution

TORONTO – Healthphone has signed a contract with the Charles H Best Diabetes Centre, a unique community-based Centre for children, youth and adults with Type 1 Diabetes, for the TELUS Community Care Management Solution (CCMS).

CCMS is a full electronic health record and patient management system that makes patient data available to community care providers at the point of care.

“Our Centre’s staff includes registered nurses, dietitian educators and a counsellor, all specialized in Type 1 Diabetes and available to our patients and families 24/7 for proactive assistance with day-to-day management issues and crisis prevention,” says Marlene Grass, RN, Executive Director and founder of
the centre.

“Implementing CCMS will help us to automate our operation, streamline efficiencies and communication between staff, physicians and our families, and assist us to meet the ever-increasing number of referrals and needs of our families. Our work takes us into the homes and schools of our patients and we can connect with them via pager while we are off-site. Therefore the ability to access crucial information from the centre will assist us greatly in providing care and management. Ultimately, we hope to develop a portal for our patients to access their personal health record and assist in self-monitoring.”

CCMS is designed specifically for community, home care and long term care providers and any health care organization whose work force is highly mobile. Health providers use a mobile device at the point of care such as a laptop or PDA to view and update patient records, access test results and instantly share information with other health providers.

With secure, 24/7 access to the system, care providers can reduce their administrative workloads and quickly and accurately generate reports while delivering timely, quality care to their patients.

“Charles H. Best Centre is a community-based and pioneering organization that meets a growing demand in the Durham region,” says Paula Hucko, Vice President of Healthphone in Canada. “By using our software, the Centre will be able to augment the already progressive work they do, and facilitate chronic disease management across the continuum of care.”

Healthphone has an exclusive agreement with TELUS, the country’s second largest telecommunications carrier, for TELUS to distribute Healthphone software in Canada. Through this agreement, Healthphone will implement the CCMS solution, while TELUS hosts and manages the application. TELUS also provides customers with network connectivity and security support, 24x7 customer service and required hardware such as PDA’s. CCMS is delivered as a fully hosted and managed service using the Microsoft Office platform.

About Charles H Best Diabetes Centre
The Charles H. Best Diabetes Centre for Children and Youth was founded in 1989 as a “first of its kind” nurse-driven Centre in Canada. The Centre serves children, youth and more recently adult patients with Type 1 Diabetes. It is dedicated to providing specialized Type 1 Diabetes education, management and support to meet their patients’ ongoing needs and “keep them healthy until a cure is found”. The Centre is a Registered Charity and raises significant revenues through its own fundraising efforts and events. Since 2000 the Centre has been privileged to receive sponsorship through several corporate partnerships in addition to government funding. For more information, please visit

About Healthphone
Healthphone develops health industry solutions that use every-day Microsoft technology to empower people with relevant health information at the point of care. Healthphone is Microsoft’s Global Lead Solution Partner for long term condition management. Headquartered in Seattle, Healthphone has offices in Australia, Canada and Singapore, and a development center in New Zealand. For more information, please visit