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Physician IT

Ontario MD reports EMR usage stats by vendor

TORONTO – Ontario MD, which runs the funding and certification of Ontario’s physician IT program, is now posting the exact numbers of doctors who are receiving subsidies for implementing an approved clinical management system in their practices.

The numbers are broken down by vendors who are supplying the solutions, and can be found at

According to the chart, Practice Solutions has by far the most funded physicians in the Ontario program, with 133 groups and 1,009 doctors using its systems. They account for 44.1% of the funded physicians.

After several years of running the program and encouraging physicians to computerize their practices, Ontario MD has 2,286 funded doctors in its program. In all, Ontario is home to more than 20,000 physicians.

P&P Data Systems is second on the list, with 215 doctors in 22 funded groups for 9.4 percent of the total.

Xwave is number three, with 213 funded physicians in 31 groups, who account for 9.3 percent of the Ontario MD total.

Healthscreen ranks fourth, with 200 funded doctors in 28 groups, for an 8.7 percent share.

Clinicare follows in fifth place, with 194 Ontario physicians in 13 groups, an 8.5 percent share of the total.

Next is Nightingale Informatix, with 175 Ontario doctors in 20 groups, a 7.7 percent share of the total.

Jonoke follows in sixth place, with 138 physicians in 13 groups, for a 6 percent share of the Ontario MD total.

McMaster University’s OSCAR system has 55 doctors in six groups for a 2.4 percent share.

York-Med is next with 43 doctors in nine groups, a 1.9 percent share, followed by AbelSoft, with 17 funded doctors in 5 groups, for a 0.7 percent share.

Alpha Global IT has 10 funded doctors in two practices, a 0.4 percent share, while Wolf Medical Systems also has 10 funded Ontario doctors, and also has a 0.4 percent share of the Ontario MD total.

These rankings are as of July 2008; the web site says the data will be updated monthly.