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xwave appoints Dr. Sue Thomas as medical director

Dr. Sue Thomas (pictured), former Chief Medical Officer at GE Healthcare’s Integrated IT Solutions (IITS) division, has joined the xwave healthcare team as Medical Director. For the past decade, Sue has helped medical practices across North America adopt GE’s award-winning Centricity Electronic Medical Record.

As Medical Director of xwave Healthcare, she will serve as the voice of the customer, providing perspective on behalf of the practicing physician as xwave analyzes and addresses the challenges of the field of medical information services.

Sue graduated from MIT and the Yale School of Medicine, then trained in Family Medicine at the University of Connecticut. Before becoming a physician, her undergraduate degree from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science led to employment at Hewlett Packard and Intel Corporation during the pioneering days of microprocessor development.

This experience effectively complemented her medical accreditations, and as a practicing physician in Maine for 15 years, she championed the use of the EMR both locally and nationally. Sue and her husband currently divide their time between Maine and Toronto.

Gary Folker (pictured), Managing Director of Business Development for xwave Healthcare, has recently joined the Board of Directors for the Canadian Healthcare Information Technology Trade Association (CHITTA).

The mission of CHITTA is to strengthen the competitiveness of Canada’s healthcare information and communications technology (ICT) industry, through cooperative efforts among members and through direct contact with all levels of government and associated agencies. In addition to his seat on the Board, Gary serves as Co-Chair of CHITTA’s Membership Committee.

In his role at xwave, Gary builds and manages partnerships and propels development of an array of healthcare solutions and services. His credentials include spearheading the implementation of Canada’s first fully-integrated electronic patient chart; introducing into the country high-volume scanning of patient records; and creating the largest healthcare document-capture facility in North America. Gary holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Acadia University.