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Forum matches tech developers with investors

MARKHAM, Ont. - Entrepreneurial companies, such as the developers of e-health solutions, will have the chance to tell their stories to potential investors at an event in Markham, just north of Toronto, this October.

Organizers of the event, called The ISCM Money Chase 2008: Investment Forum, are calling for applications from pre-revenue or early-revenue businesses with high-growth potential. Companies being targeted are those in the areas of information and communication technology, environmental technologies, medical technologies and others.

A judging panel made up of investors will select the top 24 applicants. Each of the selected applicants will then be invited to make a 10-minute presentation to a roomful of qualified investors and financial professionals at the full-day event, which will take place in Markham, Ont. on October 23.

Although it is up to the companies to close any potential financing, this experience will provide an excellent opportunity to learn what financing professionals look for and meet potential financing sources, say event organizers.

The Money Chase is being organized by the Innovation Synergy Centre in Markham (ISCM), a leading Canadian business advisory centre that specializes in helping small and medium-size companies grow. ISCM’s Investment Network provides a unique service geared towards grooming early-stage companies for the investment community and helping entrepreneurs find the right investor at the right time.

As part of the Forum, the ISCM Investment Network will help prepare the selected candidates for their October presentations at no charge to the companies.

“The ISCM Investment Forum is original in that it focuses on companies looking for first rounds of financing. Once companies have exhausted the ‘love money’ - money from friends and family - they have a very difficult time finding and securing the next sources of investment, which are often Angel investors,” said Catarina von Maydell, Director of the ISCM Investment Network. “Knowing where to find and how to approach seed and early-stage investors is crucial for a company’s growth.”

Angel investors are primarily self-made, high net-worth individuals who typically invest - or co-invest with other Angels - between $50,000 and $500,000. They not only bring money to the table, but also a wealth of industry expertise, sometimes taking an active role in the companies they support.

The ultimate goal of the investment forum is to stimulate growth among Canada ‘s small and medium businesses, which are the backbone of the Canadian economy, explained Bob Glandfield, President and CEO of the Innovation Synergy Centre in Markham. “Giving smaller companies the opportunity to grow into larger companies doesn’t only benefit the businesses themselves, but Canada’s economic strength as well.”

For more information about The ISCM Money Chase 2008: Investment Forum, please visit There is no charge to apply, but all chosen applicants are required to pay the standard registration fee of $95 to attend and present at the event. The deadline for applications is August 22, 2008.