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Nursing IT

Tele-nursing workshop to be held in Ottawa

The Canadian Society of Telehealth’s annual conference, to be held in Ottawa, October 5 to 7, will host a workshop on the topic of the International Telenursing Network.The purpose of the meeting will be to provide information regarding the recent formation of an International Telenursing Network, which is affiliated with the International Society of Telemedicine and eHealth (ISfTeH) and current efforts to establish a virtual International Council of Nursing Network for Telenursing, Technology and eHealth. One of the session-leaders is Lois Scott, a Vice President with McKesson Canada.

There is no registration fee; however, those who will be attending are asked to register on the CST website so that the organizers can identify this number for planning purposes.

International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth (ISfTeH)

ISfTeH is a non-governmental and not for profit organization whose primary role is to promote and support telemedicine and eHealth activities worldwide. It primarily serves as an umbrella for national telemedicine and eHealth organizations, such as the Canadian Society of Telehealth (CST) and assists with the start-up of new national organizations.

ISfTeH has close ties to World Health Organization and ITU and has two alliance partners, United Nations Office for Outer Space (UNOOSA) Affairs, Vienna, Austria and World Academy of Biomedical Technologies (WABT), Paris, France.

It is a neutral and democratic society which was established under Swiss law. Membership is open to associated societies, institutions and organizations, corporations, individuals and students. Those with an active membership in a national group that is an active ISfTeH automatically becomes a member of ISfTeH. This means that active members of CST are also members of ISfTeH.

ISfTeH’s mission is to facilitate the international dissemination of knowledge and experience in Telemedicine and eHealth and to provide access to recognized experts in the field worldwide.

ISfTeH’s roles are defined as:

• Networking within the international telemedicine/eHealth community

• Exploring and highlighting the existing synergies between the global players

• Set-up support of new national members

• Dissemination of information via the IsfT website and newsletters

• Participation in the yearly issue of a Telemedicine Directory

• Access to Telemedical networks

• Download of relevant documents

• Participation in working groups on Telemedical standards and regulations

• Assistance in legal matters

• Organizing and supporting a yearly IsfT scientific conference in different

• Open dialogue and cooperation with the industry to encourage the development and implementation of innovative and practical products and services

• Promotion of the IsfT activities via specialized Media to support to the existing national members and their activities

Canadian Society of Telehealth (CST)

The CST is the leading Canadian non-profit health association devoted to Telehealth. The organization promotes all aspects of telehealth, which is the use of information and communications technologies to deliver health services and transmit health information over both long and short distances.

CST is recognized as Canada’s premier telehealth organization and advocate for the advancement and adoption of information and telecommunications technologies in the delivery of health and healthcare services.

The Society was established in July 22, 1998 and held its inaugural meeting in Fredericton, New Brunswick, in October of that year. Annual CST conferences are held each year.

CST’s mission is to lead the transformation of healthcare through information and communications technology by providing a forum for advocacy, communication and sharing of resources among our communities of interest.

It’s principal roles are to:

• bring together the many key stakeholders involved and interested in furthering the development and implementation of telehealth practices in Canada

• act as a major resource for information and knowledge sharing

• contribute to telehealth policy and standards development

• be the Canadian voice for telehealth both at home and internationally

 International Council of Nurses (ICN)

ICN is a federation of national nurses’ associations representing nurses in more than 128 countries. Founded in 1899, ICN is the world’s first and widest reaching international organization for health professionals. Operated by nurses for nurses, ICN works to ensure quality nursing care for all, sound health policies globally, the advancement of nursing knowledge and the presence worldwide of a respected nursing profession and a competent and satisfied nursing workforce.

ICN’s mission is to represent nursing worldwide, advancing the profession and influencing health policy.

ICN goals include:

• to bring nursing together worldwide

• to advance nurses and nursing worldwide

• to influence health policy

ICN advances nursing, nurses and health through its policies, partnerships, advocacy, leadership development, networks, congresses, special projects and by its work in the areas of professional practice, regulation and socio-economic welfare.

Telenursing Working Group

In April 2008, the ISfTeH Board of Directors approved the formation of a Telenursing Working Group under ISfTeH and in alignment with the International Council of Nursing. As part of the goals of the Telenursing Working Group, a Telenursing Workshop was proposed to be held at each ISfTeH conference, highlighting the Telenursing work/efforts of the host country.

Since CST is hosting the ISfTeH Annual Meeting this year, the first Telenursing Workshop is intended to present the work of Canadian Telenurses, with a view toward how the Canadian Telenursing experiences might be shared/applied by those in other countries.

Founding members of the ISfTeH Telenursing Working Group include Dr. Loretta Schlachta Fairchild, Diane Castelli, Bob Pyke and Michael Nerlich of the United States, Richard Winter of United Kingdom and Lois Scott of Canada. Other members are currently being recruited.

In May, 2008, Founding Members, Schlachta-Fairchild, Castelli, Pyke and Scott, sent a letter to the ICN Board of Directors requesting permission to initiate an online ICN Network for Telenursing, Technology and eHealth. The intent of this network is to seek, educate, support and collaborate with nurses who are interested in or actually practicing telenursing. It was also proposed that, when approved, information about the new ICN Nursing Network be placed on ISfTeH’s website.