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Infection control systems

NIH clinical center licenses TheraDoc

SALT LAKE CITY – The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center (CC) has licensed the clinical solutions for infection control and surveillance developed by TheraDoc.

The NIH CC and TheraDoc will implement knowledge modules designed to provide advanced tools for active infection surveillance, antimicrobial stewardship, adverse drug event monitoring and documentation, and critical care at the 250-bed treatment and research hospital.

According to the company, the TheraDoc Expert System will provide an intuitive interface through which context-specific clinical data will be easily evaluated, confirmed and acted upon. It will combine patient- and disease-specific data with best-practice guidelines.

It will also translate the data into actionable patient information, and push it securely to clinicians in real-time. TheraDoc brings relevant information into a single view, reducing the time it takes to access and utilize data, enabling better decision-making and saving clinicians’ valuable time, the company said.

TheraDoc president and CEO, Stan Pestotnik, credits the company’s unique ability to present patient information, best practice guidelines and medical knowledge in real-time, clinician specific views with attracting the attention of the foremost US healthcare organizations.

“These hospitals utilize state-of-the-art technology that supports the delivery of high-quality healthcare to all their patients,” said Pestotnik. “As TheraDoc seamlessly connects onsite with a hospital’s existing systems, it enables immediate focused access to actionable patient information.

“Clinicians know about changes in patient condition and significant events faster, with more and better information pushed to them in a manner and format of their choosing. The consistent use of these technologies to support clinicians and hospital initiatives will further improve the quality and safety of patient care in any hospital.”

The ability of TheraDoc solutions to help infection control practitioners (ICPs) to clinically identify, confirm and document infections, reduce the time it takes to identify patient specific needs, and create accurate internal and external reports will now be used in a variety of new conditions with CC patients.

This will also be true for infectious disease physicians and pharmacists using TheraDoc to optimize the utilization of antimicrobials by monitoring for drug/bug mismatches, renal dosing, IV to PO switch candidates and targeted drugs. The unique feedback that the CC can provide in these scenarios and a multitude of others will be a great benefit to the TheraDoc development organization and ultimately all its client hospitals and their patients.

TheraDoc solutions include the Expert System Platform, knowledge modules and clinical tools. TheraDoc’s current offerings include the Infection Control Assistant, Antibiotic Assistant, ADE Assistant, Clinical Alerts Assistant, Rounds Assistant, Intervention Assistant and EZ Alerts Assistant. TheraDoc continues to design and develop additional solutions to add to and further leverage the standardized patient information it creates and its Expert System Platform.

About TheraDoc, Inc.
TheraDoc is a clinical informatics company dedicated to improving the quality, efficiency and safety of patient care through enhanced clinical decision making. It provides innovative, best-in-class solutions that improve clinical and financial outcomes at a range of provider and payer organizations, including some of the most-respected healthcare institutions in the country. With clinical transparency, TheraDoc’s technologies place mission-critical knowledge at the clinician’s fingertips, helping them to confidently manage multiple processes of care across multiple conditions and diseases. The company’s strict adherence to medical informatics standards enables connectivity and interoperability with any hospital’s disparate health information systems. Founded in 1999, TheraDoc designs, develops, and supports a suite of clinical decision support technologies, all of which utilize a proprietary inference engine that enables its real-time capabilities. TheraDoc’s founders and core medical informatics team are internationally recognized for their pioneering work in medical expert systems. Their experience in clinical decision support design and development spans two decades. A stand-alone PDA version of the Antibiotic Wizard can be downloaded from the Website. For more information, please visit