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Surgical technology

IMRISneuro to be installed at Alberta sites

WINNIPEG – IMRIS has announced the purchase of IMRISneuro by sites in Calgary and Edmonton. According to the company, IMRISneuro is a fully integrated operating room that combines a one-of-a-kind movable MRI with the IMRIS surgical information management system. Without moving the patient, IMRISneuro allows surgeons to safely image patients during brain surgery.

The University of Calgary has acquired an IMRISneuro system for installation in the Seaman Family MR Centre at Calgary Foothills Hospital.

This will be the second system that IMRIS has provided to better serve the patients of the region.

“We are delighted the University of Calgary has endorsed IMRIS’ flagship product for the second time,” said David Graves, President and Chief Executive Officer. “We are confident that IMRISneuro will make a major contribution towards providing Foothills’ patients with the highest standard of treatment and care.”

Moreover, Capital Health has purchased IMRISneuro for the Stollery Children’s Hospital and Universityof Alberta Hospital. Said to be the only system of its kind in the world, IMRISneuro incorporates a moveable, highfield MRI into the surgical suite, providing timely, high resolution images to the medical team during an operation. These images provide surgeons with richer information during surgery from which they can make better decisions for their patients.

“By investing in this leading edge technology, we continue to strive to meet our goal of providing the best medical treatment and outcomes for our patients,” said Deb Gordon, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, University of Alberta Hospital, Stollery Children’s Hospital and the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute. “We are grateful for the support of our foundations, who made this investment in patient care possible.”

No other system, according to the makers of IMRIS, offers the same degree of safety for both the surgical team and the patient. IMRISneuro does not require the patient to be transported for scanning, so the optimum position for neurosurgery is never compromised. Clinical workflow and surgical access to the patient is not impacted and the magnet is removed completely from the operating room when scanning is complete. With IMRISneuro, the surgical team is not required to work within a magnetic field for the entire surgery.

“We are proud to support the goals of Capital Health and to contribute to the delivery of such a high level of patient care,” said David Graves. “It’s also important to us that Canadians have access to what we believe is the most advanced surgical imaging system in the world.”

IMRISNeuro, with its wide bore, 1.5 Tesla iMRI unit, can transition into and out of the operating room on demand, providing timely surgical imaging, in addition to high-quality diagnostic services when the system is not required for surgeries. This patented ability also provides a high level of financial value to the hospital.

IMRIS is a global leader in providing fully integrated, intra-operative imaging solutions designed to assist in the treatment of disease and to measurably improve patient outcomes. The unique and innovative IMRISneuro has been validated by leading neurosurgeons around the world and is increasingly being used by world-class neuroscience centres. For further information, see