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Physician IT

Barrie clinic to implement Clinicare EMR

BARRIE, Ont. – The Barrie and Community Family Health Team announced that it will implement an extensive Clinical Management Solution (CMS) from Clinicare, of Calgary.

The Ontario MD approved system, consisting of Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management Applications, will be rolled out to 60 physicians and additional healthcare providers at 35 different locations within the Barrie area, starting in March 2008.

Each practice will maintain its individual billing environment, but will share all other common elements, such as patient scheduling, patient recalls, Electronic Medical Records, lab and medication data. Almost 350 workstations will connect securely through the province’s Smart Systems for Health Agency (SSHA) network.

“We are a diverse group of family physicians who were in agreement about networking and combining our patients into one server/database for EMR”, said Dr. Anne DuVall, lead physician for Barrie and Community FHT. “We have followed a long and diligent selection process. In addition to CLINICARE’s ability to accommodate the many styles of physician workflow within our team, it was important for us to choose a vendor that we felt confident could institute a project of this magnitude.”

“This is a proven deployment of a single patient record across many locations, with a powerful security model”, said Dennis Niebergal, president & CEO of Clinicare. “As with previous negotiations in Ontario, we have appreciated the involvement of Barrie’s OntarioMD advisors as a project management resource. Their expert advice helped eliminate confusion and reduced deficiencies ensuring a more successful implementation and a better end result.”

According to the company, Clincare’s advantage is that its proven solution supports physicians’ workflow and can be tailored to meet individual physician needs. It helps enhance patient care, improves patient safety and drives both physician and staff productivity.

About Clinicare
Clinicare Inc. ( has specialized in software development for the ambulatory physician market since 1984. The company’s EMR has been rated as one of the Top 2 EMRs in North America for the past five consecutive years by the prestigious IT consulting firm – KLAS Enterprises. Clinicare has also been recognized in recent years by the Canadian Health Informatics Association as “Company of the Year”, “Corporate Citizen of the Year” and has won the “Healthcare Transformation of the Year” Award.