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Alberta’s health quality council selects Agili-T

MONTREAL – Agili-T Health Solutions is pleased to announce that it has been selected by the Health Quality Council of Alberta to conduct the provincial long-term care family survey.

The survey represents a comprehensive assessment of the quality of care provided to individuals living in publicly funded Alberta nursing homes.

Approximately 12,000 family members of long-term care residents are being asked to provide their opinions about visiting the residents, their experiences with staff at facilities, their opinions about the physical environment, the care their family members receive, the administration of the facilities and their roles in relation to the residents.

The survey was officially launched in October 2007 and is nearing completion, with results expected to be published on the HQCA web site in the coming months.

About the HQCA
As an independent organization legislated under the Regional Health Authorities Act, the Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA) gathers and analyzes information and collaborates with health regions and boards, professions and government to translate that knowledge into practical improvements to the quality and safety of the health care Albertans receive. For more information, please visit

About Agili-T Health Solutions
Agili-T Health Solutions is Canada’s leading vendor of healthcare satisfaction measurement and quality improvement services. Our survey services and software tools will allow healthcare providers to improve patient satisfaction, support safety and enhance employee quality of life. Agili-T’s Androfact survey system is a powerful, Web-based and fully hosted healthcare surveying application. It enables hospitals, clinics, continuing care facilities and regional health authorities to collect, analyze, benchmark, and report patient satisfaction levels in a cost-effective and continuous manner. For more information, please visit: