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ABELSoft Corporation acquires MedicSync Inc.

TORONTO – ABELSoft Corp. announced that it has acquired the assets of MedicSync Inc., a privately held software company and developer of OCFSync – software to help healthcare providers manage automobile accident insurance claims.

The addition of OCFSync enhances ABELSoft’s integrated suite of practice management and electronic medical record solutions for healthcare providers.

OCFSync software helps healthcare providers to create and manage insurance claims through Health Claims for Auto Insurance (HCAI), an electronic system for transmitting specific Ontario auto insurance health claims forms between healthcare providers and insurers. HCAI will be become mandatory for all healthcare providers and insurers on February 1, 2008.

Developed on the Microsoft Windows .NET platform, OCFSync was readily assimilated by ABELSoft – a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Steve Crichton, founder of MedicSync, Inc. said that “ABELSoft is a healthcare software leader with the background and resources to successfully deploy and support OCFSync in the wider market”.

ABELSoft will deliver the software, under the name ABEL-OCFSync, as a standalone application and also integrated with ABELMed, ABELSoft’s practice management and EMR solution for providers of medical and rehabilitation services.

“This acquisition is consistent with our best of breed approach to providing complete solutions to healthcare providers”, says Arun Rele (pictured above), CEO of ABELSoft. “ABEL-OCFSync will provide a more complete, easier to use HCAI system experience. Most clinics are not yet using HCAI despite the February 1st deadline, and this acquisition immediately makes us a leader in this area”.

This new offering is expected to strengthen ABELSoft’s position in the fast growing multi-disciplinary healthcare sector, a market which encompasses healthcare delivered through a combination of medical, rehab and dental service providers.

About ABELSoft
ABELSoft Corporation, of Burlington, Ontario, is a leading provider of software and related services to healthcare providers. ABELSoft is the developer of ABELMed, for physicians and rehabilitation service providers in Ontario and the United States, and of ABELDent, for dentists in Canada and the United States. Founded in 1977, ABELSoft is a privately held Canadian company with a mandate to provide best of breed solutions across a wide spectrum of healthcare providers. To learn more about ABELSoft, please visit

About HCAI
To learn more about HCAI, please visit the HCAI Information website at