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Andy Hind switches executive roles at Siemens

Andy Hind (pictured), formerly Vice President of Siemens Medical Solutions in Canada, has become the company’s new Vice President for Siemens-Acuson Ultrasound in Canada. Jacques Bedard was recently appointed as the new Vice President of Siemens Medical Solutions in Canada.

As Vice President of the ultrasound business in Canada, Mr. Hind has been tasked with growing the company’s presence in the Canadian healthcare market and strengthening its support services to customers. He is working with his colleagues in the Siemens Medical Solutions Division to ensure that ultrasound fully benefits from being a fully integrated part of the Canadian portfolio.

For the past eight years, ultrasound sales in Canada for Siemens were handled through a distributor, Osiris Medical Inc. Osiris will continue to be an important part of Siemens’ sales channel, and will provide the main sales interface to large hospitals and corporate customers.

However, Siemens is also adding dedicated resources to address other market sectors, such as the private clinic market.

Mr. Hind’s appointment to the position of VP for Siemens-Acuson Ultrasound comes at a exciting time for the company. It has ushered in a new era of medicine with the launch of the world’s smallest and first pocket ultrasound system. The Acuson P10 handheld diagnostic ultrasound system (pictured at right) weighs only 1.6 pounds, and fits easily into a lab coat pocket.

It is intended for complementary initial diagnostic care and triage, particularly in cardiology, emergency care and obstetrics. The system has just been approved for use in Canada.

The ACUSON P10 system can be used by physicians and medical personnel in a number of environments including intensive care units, ambulances and medevac helicopters. It can also be used to detect conditions that may be clinically significant, but have previously required expansive or invasive diagnostic testing in asymptomatic patients.

“Instead of having to rush the patient to the technology, the P10 system brings the technology to the patient. This can save critical minutes, especially when a patient is in cardiac distress or with trauma patients, who have multiple injuries,” said Eyal Herzog, MD, FACC, director of the Cardiac Care Unit at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, in New York, and an ACUSON P10 system beta site user. “The application flexibility and portability of the P10 pocket ultrasound system mark significant changes in the way diagnostic and emergency care are administered, changes that could alter the face of the physical exam and, ultimately, lead to better patient outcomes.”