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Heart and stroke researchers build high-powered EMR

TORONTO – Datazoom announced that the Stroke Prevention & Atherosclerosis Research Centre – SPARC – recently migrated their database to Datazoom’s EMR system.

This web-ready electronic medical record has been designed and developed using state-of-the-art Oracle technology and is powered by the industry-leading Oracle database. Dr. David Spence and his SPARC team members, in London, Ont., selected Datazoom Solutions, a leading healthcare research software development company, to migrate SPARC’s clinical system to collect, store, retrieve and analyze Stroke Prevention & Atherosclerosis Research data.

Dr. Spence, a leading atherosclerosis researcher using this system, said: “Datazoom Solutions has implemented a very smooth transition of SPARC Access Database to Oracle Database in a very responsive manner. The new system helps us to more easily collect, store and analyze research data of 15,000 patients with 80,000 visits. This large data sample will be very powerful for research in genetics of atherosclerosis (“hardening of the areteries”), in management of patients and in evaluation of new therapies.

“By better understanding and treating atherosclerosis, we will help reduce the burden of stroke. Datazoom’s real-time data extraction and analysis mechanism, which interfaces with ORACLE’s on-demand querying and reporting tool, Oracle Discoverer, helps us get the most out of our data.”

In addition to collecting and storing information, the Clinical application has been developed as a primary benchmarking tool for tracking data quality indicators and research program efficiencies. It is expected to enhance Stroke Prevention & Atherosclerosis Research data collection flow by automating the coordination of services.

Dr. Spence said that, “Datazoom’s SPARC Clinical system will provide the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of new preventative treatment programs with a patient population large enough to make our findings meaningful. Datazoom has provided a self service real-time data extraction utility for SPARC researchers and an easy integration path for statistical analysis tools, such as SPSS.”

The SPARC EMR system has following features:

• Comprehensive security and access control mechanisms
• Blood work, 3D ultrasound test, lab tests and other results
•  Laboratory and ultrasound requisitions
• Automatic appointment, follow-up and referral/ reminder letters
• User level data access controls are provided throughout the application
• Analytical tool users are empowered to build queries and reports on demand using Oracle discoverer tool
• The system is web ready and meets future collaboration requirements.

Datazoom Solutions implements innovative and scalable data management solutions for healthcare research in addition to EMR, patient scheduling and billing interfaces. Datazoom ensures seamless transition of older systems to Datazoom platform. With experience in providing data management systems for Rheumatology, Heart and Stroke, Dermatology and Cancer Research Datazoom has a ready, high-quality and cost-effective solution that can be tailored to meet individual researchers’ needs.

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