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Physician IT

Ontario clinic to use ZoomMed for e-prescribing

MONTREAL – ZoomMed, of Montreal, developer of the ZRx Prescriber, has announced an agreement for the use of the ZRx Prescriber in Ontario. The contract  was concluded with one of the largest family practice and specialty clinics in Canada, The Oshawa Clinic, in Oshawa, Ont., which has over 110 doctors.

“When you enter a new market and you immediately have the support of the most important players, it is a very good sign. It’s exactly what is happening to us in Ontario,” said Yves Marmet, President and Chief Executive Officer of ZoomMed. “The Oshawa Clinic is a leader in its field and our discussions with other Ontario private clinics lead us to believe that several of them will follow soon.”

About ZoomMed and the ZRx Prescriber

The ZRx Prescriber is a Web application that runs on a pocket computer or PC. The tool is used by physicians to fill out prescriptions and make them available to pharmacists, who can view them online via unique barcodes and confirm them using the physician’s signed copy.

Every year, Canadian prescription errors (illegible handwriting, incorrect dosage, adverse drug interactions) lead to 700 fatalities and 150,000 hospitalizations, representing $600 million in healthcare costs.

The ZRx Prescriber also gives physicians access to a portable source of medical information generated by the pharmaceutical companies and private or public organizations that use this revolutionary new communication tool. Thanks to the ZRx Prescriber, thousands of Canadian physicians can now have access to vital information such as clinical studies, scientific discoveries, new product launches, medical training information and major medical alerts.

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