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Electronic health records

Emergis to help Alberta plan for paperless EHR

EDMONTON – Emergis Inc. announced that Alberta Health & Wellness has selected Emergis to provide advisory and consulting services on moving Alberta Netcare to a paperless electronic health record (EHR) environment. Alberta Netcare is the single name for all projects and activities related to Alberta’s EHR.

“We are excited to be working with Alberta Health & Wellness on an initiative that is so important to the success of Alberta’s electronic health record system,” said Mark Groper, Executive Vice-President, Health – Public Sector. “Defining the steps that need to be taken to achieve a paperless environment and assessing their impact on clinical workflow are critical to achieving that goal.”

By February 2008, Emergis will define a transition plan for moving from the current practice of distributing paper-based records to a fully electronic record system in Alberta Netcare.

The plan will include modelling the clinical workflow in a paperless EHR environment and identifying new policies or changes to health legislation and guidelines that will be required, as well as gaps that need to be addressed. It will also identify an appropriate timeline and related activities for eliminating the production and retention of paper-based records.

On a separate note, Emergis is currently entertaining a bid to be purchased by telecom giant Telus Corp. for a price of $763 million.

About Emergis
Emergis is an IT leader in Canada that focuses on the health and financial services sectors. It develops and manages solutions that automate transactions and the secure exchange of information to increase the process efficiency and quality of service of its customers. Emergis has expertise in electronic health-related claims processing, health record systems, pharmacy management solutions, cash management and loan document processing and registration. In Canada, Emergis delivers solutions to major insurance companies, top financial institutions, government agencies, hospitals, large corporations, real estate lawyers and notaries and 3,100 pharmacies. Its electronic health record solutions are also delivered in the U.S. and Australia. The Company’s shares (TSX:EME) are included in the S&P/TSX Composite Index.