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3M Canada and Prudential Consulting to market solutions

LONDON, Ont. – 3M Canada, a leader in the field of health information systems, and Prudential Consulting Inc. (PCI), a top provider of healthcare technology and outsourcing services, have announced a strategic alliance aimed at providing comprehensive software solutions in the Canadian healthcare market.

As a result of this agreement, PCI will become a 3M Canada distributor focusing on marketing and identifying sales opportunities for 3M’s HIS dictation, speech recognition and transcription solutions.

The partnership also expands PCI’s current suite of health information solutions by making an additional state-of-the-art dictation and transcription platform available to both existing and future customers that will effectively integrate with 3M’s health information solutions.

“Partnering with PCI creates an opportunity to expand 3M’s presence in the ASP market,” said Laurie Sproule, Business Manager, 3M Canada Healthcare. “This alliance complements the company’s existing software capabilities, ensuring that 3M continues to meet the changing needs of the industry.”

“We are very excited about the partnership with 3M Canada,” said, Vikram Khurana, Chief Executive Officer, Prudential Consulting Inc. “The combination of 3M’s brand strength and current portfolio of software tools, and our ability to provide an ASP and enterprise solution, will greatly enhance the value offered to customers.”

3M Canada and PCI will leverage their strengths to deliver the highest quality solutions and services to Canadian hospitals.

About 3M Canada
Established in 1951, 3M Canada Company was one of the first international subsidiaries opened by 3M and remains one of the largest. 3M Canada’s head office and original manufacturing site is in London, Ontario, where approximately 1,000 of the company’s 1,950 employees work. Other Ontario plants are located in Toronto, Brockville, and Perth with one in Morden, Manitoba. 3M has sales offices in major cities nationwide and a national service network to support customers.

About Prudential Consulting Inc
Established in 1995, PCI is a Canadian company with offices in Toronto, Charlottetown, Saint John, Edmonton and has collaborations in USA, UK and India. PCI focuses on providing a complete range of IT services, such as IT recruitment, application development, application management, software integration and healthcare solutions related to technology and outsourcing services.