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MediSolution offers solutions for outcomes data

MONTREAL – MediSolution Ltd., a leading healthcare and public sector information technology company, has announced the general availability of a series of Virtuo System Integration solutions to help Ontario healthcare organizations handle the complex data issues involved in Health Outcomes for Better Information & Care (HOBIC) implementations.

MediSolution’s HOBIC system integration solutions have been successfully implemented in two pilot sites as part of the HOBIC early adopter rollout.

The Ontario Ministry of Health’s HOBIC implementation will standardize the collection of patient health outcomes, staffing and quality of work life information, reflecting a variety of disciplines, including nursing, throughout the province.

This information will allow nurses to plan their care with the objective of achieving the best patient outcomes and allow administrators and researchers to describe how different nursing interventions and different numbers and types of nurses affect patient outcomes. The HOBIC initiative is currently being implemented across all acute care, complex continuing care, long-term care, rehabilitation and home care facilities in Ontario.

To avoid costly manual intervention, the required data must be extracted from multiple Healthcare Information System (HIS) clinical suites and transmitted to the central HOBIC servers in an HL7 batch file over a secure FTP link (SFTP).

Coupled with a thorough understanding of the HOBIC initiative and the various data types involved, MediSolution’s Virtuo System Integration team has specialized expertise in HIS APIs, HL7 messaging and HTTP and SFTP communications protocols and procedures. Leveraging a number of proven solutions and integration tools, the Virtuo System Integration team will work directly with each client to design a turnkey HOBIC integration solution for their unique environment.

“Virtuo System Integration solutions are a proven, safe and sound choice for all organizations struggling with the complexities of HOIBC implementations,” said Paul Lepage, president and chief executive officer at MediSolution. “Our Systems Integration team is backed by 150 years of collective integration experience and field-proven in more than 200 successful deployments involving more than 150 different vendor applications.”

In addition to HOBIC, MediSolution offers seamless systems integration solutions for all provincial data repositories initiatives.

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