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Online diabetes health classes now available

EDMONTON – Diabetes Compass has announced the launch of Canada’s only online audio diabetes health education classes for persons who live with diabetes or prediabetes.

Canada is struggling with a rapid, uncontrolled escalation of diabetes of epidemic proportion. More than two million Canadians live with diabetes, while an estimated four million Canadians have prediabetes. A diabetes crisis has been identified in Ontario and over 1,000 Albertans are diagnosed with diabetes every month. The alarming number of obese, overweight, sedentary Canadians is helping fuel this national epidemic.

Education is a key component in the prevention and treatment of diabetes. Diabetes Compass responds to this demand with quick, easy access to diabetes health information. Diabetes Compass Express, a series of 15-minute expert diabetes audio classes, is now available online to millions of Canadians, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at

These classes are an initiative of Diabetes Compass, produced in cooperation with the regional health authority, university and the pediatric diabetes education centre.

“This is an extremely rewarding milestone and I’m very proud of our collaborative effort,” says Dianne Lehman, executive producer of Diabetes Compass Radio. “Our classes can complement other forms of diabetes education as review and reinforcement.

“The ultimate goal is to empower Canadians to take charge of their health by learning more about their diabetes, managing it well and help sidestep serious health complications.”

The classes are concise and comprehensive, each featuring three goals with accompanying actions. Prevention of Type 2 diabetes is paramount, through education and awareness. A free diabetes risk assessment is available at

Diabetes Compass is Canada’s only multimedia diabetes education and awareness company, based in Edmonton, Alberta. Its mandate is to prevent a Canadian Type 2 diabetes pandemic, engage policy makers and stakeholders in aggressive Type 2 diabetes prevention and awareness and help individuals learn to manage their diabetes well.

Diabetes Compass currently produces, broadcasts, webcasts and archives Canada’s only diabetes health education radio program and online audio classes. Diabetes Compass Radio can be heard Saturday mornings at 9:00 am MT and on