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Labour & delivery

Software spots signs of fetal distress

MONTREAL – LMS Medical Systems , a healthcare technology company and developer of CALM patient safety software for obstetrics, has announced that Saint-Mary’s Health Centre in Montreal will be implementing CALM Patterns, a risk-management software tool specifically directed at the health of the fetus.

Saint-Mary’s Hospital is affiliated with McGill University and delivers over 4,500 babies a year.

Fetal distress during labor is recognized as one of the greatest complexities of childbirth, and therefore a significant issue insofar as risk management is concerned. During labor and delivery, medical professionals review fetal heart rate tracings, looking for indications of fetal distress.

CALM Patterns is a real time proprietary software tool that can, on a heart-beat to heart-beat basis, analyze and present updated information to medical teams to assist them in assessing how the fetus is tolerating the stress of labor. It uses specialized algorithms and neural networks that detect, label and measure patterns in fetal heart rate recordings in real time during labor.

Delayed recognition and intervention for abnormal fetal heart-rate patterns are the most common medical errors in birth related brain injury. CALM Patterns is designed to help teams recognize these situations in a timely manner and to facilitate communication among team members.

“Our Labour and Delivery unit represents a complex environment: normal births interspersed with unexpected emergency situations, experienced clinicians working with trainees from nursing, family medicine and obstetrics, all in a very busy high volume unit,” says Dr. Robert Hemmings, Chief of Obstetrics at the hospital. “CALM Patterns will provide our clinicians the means to reduce risk by more consistently and efficiently assessing our patients and enhancing situational awareness.”

In parallel with clinical use, Saint-Mary’s will be partnering with LMS to facilitate the integration of CALM Patterns into daily care. As part of this effort, the organizations will collaborate to optimize standardization of care through use of the tool and work to support improved communications between patients and clinicians.

LMS is a leader in the application of advanced mathematical modeling and neural networks for medical use. The LMS CALM Suite provides physicians, nursing staff, risk managers and hospital administrators with clinical information systems and risk management tools designed to improve outcomes and patient care for mothers and their infants during childbirth. More information available at: