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TEGH speeds up diagnoses for cancer imaging

TORONTO – rL Solutions, a leading provider of healthcare quality and safety software, has presented the Toronto East General Hospital (TEGH) with the rL Solutions Canadian Healthcare Excellence Quality Award (CHEQA) for its Lung Cancer: Time to Treat” program.

The program was designed by the hospital to reduce diagnosis wait times for suspected lung cancer patients. The rL Solutions award has a value of $15,000.

“Toronto East General Hospital is proud to be this year’s CHEQA recipient,” says Marla Fryers, Vice President, Programs and Chief Nursing Officer. “Our commitment to continuously improving the quality of services delivered to our patients is a strategic priority for TEGH. Being recognized with this award means a lot to us.”

The goal of the Lung Cancer: Time to Treat program was to minimize delays in diagnosis and treatment of patients with suspicious clinical images suggestive of lung cancer. In addition, the hospital wanted to promote a multidisciplinary tumor review board to establish the best appropriate care for patients with diagnosis of lung cancer.

Overall time from X-ray to diagnosis was reduced from 127.8 days to 30.8 days, a 71 percent reduction. The majority of physicians (from 70 to 100 percent) rated the treatment processes as better or significantly better as a result of the system redesign.

rL Solutions co-founded the CHEQA Award in 2005, with the Quality Healthcare Network (QHN) to recognize that quality improvement projects are at the forefront of improving healthcare.

“We are focused on enhancing healthcare for all Canadians and we feel that sponsoring this award reflects that commitment” says Sanjay Malaviya, President and CEO, rL Solutions. “TEGH’s win this year is a perfect example of why the award was created. It is a program that could be replicated in other organizations,” Malaviya added. CHEQA is a $15,000 cash award which Fryers hopes will be re-invested in further quality improvement initiatives.

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