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Aliant donates videophones to Atlantic Health Sciences

SAINT JOHN, N.B. Ė Aliant announced that as part of its ongoing support of the Atlantic Health Sciences Corporation (AHSC), it is donating $45,000 worth of innovative equipment to the Telehealth Program. The contribution of 30 videophones will allow patients to connect with loved ones during their recovery.

Aliantís videophones will be rolled out first in New Brunswick and expanded to other hospitals across Atlantic Canada later this year.

Since 1998, AHSCís Telehealth Program has been using a unique technology to care for post cardiac surgery patients in their homes Ė a videophone that only requires the use of a telephone line to connect two parties who are separated by geographic or other barriers.

Based on the success of this technology in post cardiac surgery patients, other patient populations are now also benefiting. AHSC front line clinicians and the Telehealth team are now able to further extend the videophone program to help connect patients with their families and loved ones in circumstances where traveling to visit each other may be not be an option.

President and CEO of AHSC, Dora Nicinski (pictured), commented on Aliantís important donation to the Telehealth Program at AHSC. ďThe Telehealth Program has worked hard to provide supportive care through the use of technology. We are very pleased with Aliantís willingness to support patient care in New Brunswick with this donation. Dealing with an illness can be a frightening, confusing time for families. Being separated from your loved ones while getting treatment makes the whole experience that much more difficult. Todayís announcement will help ease that burden.Ē

One of the first patients to benefit from this supportive care tool was Ken Herrell. Ken travelled to Halifax to undergo a life saving bone marrow transplant and had to remain in hospital there for a significant period of time. When faced with the option of receiving a bone marrow transplant or seeing his only son graduate, Ken thought he would have to make a choice.

However, through the use of AHSCís videophone technology, Ken was able to participate in his sonís graduation in Saint John, from his hospital room in Halifax.

Helena Cain, Aliantís Vice President of Enterprise & Marketing, said: ďAt Aliant, we are committed to investing in the communities we serve and to connect people throughout the province with innovative technologies. We are very excited to be able to help patients with their recovery. Kenís experience with the videophone is truly moving and we hope this will continue for patients throughout Atlantic Canada.Ē

Through Aliantís donation today, videophones will also be available to Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. Healthcare organizations in these Atlantic Provinces will work with AHSC and Aliant to implement the videophone technology so that all Atlantic Canadians have the opportunity to take advantage of this innovative and important service to help ease the burden of patient recovery.

The announcement followed a recent commitment by Aliant to donate $1 million towards the new Positron Emission Tomography (PET) that is housed in the SJRH. The scanner has helped to revolutionize Healthcare in New Brunswick. PET provides more accurate diagnosis, more effective treatment planning and can help avoid many invasive procedures.

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