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ClearScribe licenses Drugmagnet e-prescribing system

TORONTO – ClearScribe Inc. ( announced that it has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Holdings Limited, a leading Canadian provider of mobile electronic prescription technology and has closed a private round of financing to commercialize Drugmagnet’s regulatory-compliant technology.

The agreement provides for an exclusive intellectual property agreement between the companies permitting modifications, sub-licensing and selling agreements in North America and Europe.

ClearScribe is further pleased to announce that both Stephen Kahn, founder of Drugmagnet and Rodney Dobson, founder and former President & CEO of RxRite, a BlackBerry-based ePrescribing company, have joined the ClearScribe commercialization team.

Clear communication is the cornerstone of error prevention. When healthcare professionals communicate effectively, there is a lower incidence of error and a significant improvement in the overall quality of patient care.

It is well accepted that e-Prescribing has the greatest potential to eliminate illegible, misread or misinterpreted prescriptions (e.g., sound-alike drugs), reduce adverse drug reactions, hospital admissions, deaths and unnecessary costs that occur as a result of traditional prescribing practices.

Implementing error reducing technology around the prescribing process will improve patient safety and will alleviate some of the strain placed on Canada’s overburdened healthcare system, reducing medication errors.

The Canadian Pharmacists Association estimates that 25% of hospital visits by people over the age of 65 are due to medication errors, according to Pharmacy Trends Report, 2006. The Pharmacy Trends Report also asserts that 79% of retail pharmacists and 86% of hospital pharmacists support moving to e-scripts, so that physicians can send prescriptions electronically.

“The momentum in the marketplace is clearly accelerating” said Rodney Dobson, the newly appointed Director of Channel Sales for ClearScribe. “After seven years of research, technical development, beta projects, pilot studies and the regulatory-compliant transmission of over 1,000,000 prescriptions, the Drugmagnet technology is primed for the organized and rapid commercialization by the ClearScribe team. We are already experiencing a marked increase in opportunities for physician adoption and technology partnerships.”

The desire of both Health Canada and provincial regulatory authorities to implement regulatory-compliant tools that will reduce medication errors and improve patient-safety set the stage for ClearScribe to leverage an increasing base of electronic prescribing physicians in the commercialization of the Drugmagnet technology.

Drugmagnet’s foundational technology permits ClearScribe to deliver a superior regulatory-compliant electronic prescription solution.

“We are delighted to add the Drugmagnet regulatory-compliant point-of-care infrastructure technology to our suite of healthcare solutions,”
said Stephen Boston, President of ClearScribe.”

The licensed mobile technology solutions offered through ClearScribe are specifically designed to provide simple, affordable and efficient methods to create and transmit prescription orders as well as receive medical information via the ClearScribe Network. The ClearScribe Network is a robust communications infrastructure comprised of data servers and communication servers, web servers, Mail Exchange Servers, traditional DNS and dynamic DNS Servers and ActiveFax servers.

The ClearScribe network facilitates and manages the secure and timely communication of sensitive healthcare information, including prescription medication orders, laboratory results and critical health warnings amongst members of the healthcare industry.

The technologies offered by ClearScribe permit participating physicians and clinics to prepare, sign, fax and transmit patient prescriptions directly to pharmacies. Benefits occur to the patient, the physician and the pharmacy in terms of accuracy and patient safety.

In addition, ClearScribe’s licensed technology platforms can be used to transmit and receive other critical information between physicians, medical laboratories and government health organizations.