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Healthscreen signs agreement for e-prescribing system

TORONTO – Healthscreen Solutions Inc., a leading supplier of electronic medical record (EMR) software and practice management services, and ZoomMed, the developer of the ZRx Prescriber, an electronic prescribing tool, jointly announced that they have signed a national distribution agreement.

The ZRx Prescriber is a Web-based software application that operates on a handheld Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). This portable device allows physicians to complete prescription information, which is then made available to pharmacists online.

To date, ZoomMed has signed agreements with 860 Quebec-based physicians, and has interest from 500 other Quebec physicians. Under the terms of this agreement, Healthscreen becomes the exclusive distributor of the ZRx Prescriber in Ontario, and also gets non-exclusive distribution rights in other Canadian provinces.

The ZRx Prescriber will be enhanced in Ontario to include Healthscreen’s uninsured services product, CallerMD, and its preventive care product, PrevCareMD. Under the terms of the Agreement, Healthscreen will distribute the ZRx Prescriber to its 4,000 physician clients with no charge to the physician.

“Distributing the ZRx Prescriber to our growing customer base presents an excellent opportunity for Healthscreen to begin its next stage of growth,” said Justin Belobaba, President and CEO of Healthscreen. “By providing the ZRx Prescriber to our customer base, Healthscreen can begin to offer a range of prescription drug-related services, including prescription drug management and delivery programs.

In connection with this distribution agreement, ZoomMed has raised $6 million to deploy its ZRx Prescriber and has proceeded with the opening of ZoomMed offices in Markham, Ontario, near Toronto. These installations will accommodate marketing teams, deployment and client support teams, which will exclusively be committed to the Ontario market.

“We believe that partnering with a company with Healthscreen’s proven distribution network is the most effective method for ZoomMed to grow outside of Quebec,” said Mr. Yves Marmet, President and Chief Executive Officer of ZoomMed. “This agreement will now enable us to significantly accelerate our deployment in the rest of Canada.”

About Healthscreen Solutions Inc.
Healthscreen Solutions ( offers a comprehensive suite of practice enhancing products and services designed to increase physician revenues, reduce costs and improve patient care. The Company’s robust OHIP billing and patient scheduling software is used by over 4,000 full-time physicians and handles more than $1.5 billion in healthcare transactions a year. Healthscreen’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software supports digitalization and network connectivity for community specialists and family physicians plus a growing list of research groups. The Company’s broader goal of Continuous Practice Enhancement is being further realized with a growing list of revenue-generating services such as CallerMD, which assists doctors in managing a range of uninsured medical services and PrevCareMD which allows doctors to maximize government-funded preventive care bonuses.

About: ZoomMed Inc.
The ZRx Prescriber is Web software that operates on a small pocket computer or regular computer and that allows physicians to complete prescription information and make it available to pharmacists, allowing them to view this information online, specifically by reading the unique barcode of the prescription, and to confirm it with a copy signed by the attending physician. As well, the “ZRx Prescriber” offers physicians a portable source of medical information provided by pharmaceutical corporations and private or public organizations which will adopt this new revolutionary communication tool. Clinical studies, scientific discoveries, launching of new products, training, important medical alerts and more, are all possible ways the system can be used by thousands of physicians across the country. For further information on ZoomMed Inc and the “ZRx Prescriber”, please visit our website: