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Manning Award given to eHealth developer

Christopher D. McNamara is the visionary and lead architect of Siren ePCR Suite, the world’s most-used electronic pre-hospital reporting system. His computerized system, which replaces the unwieldy paper forms that paramedics and other first-responders must otherwise deal with, has won him a $10,000 Manning Innovation Award, sponsored by KatchKan Limited.

McNamara founded Nova Scotia-based Medusa Medical Technologies (Medusa) in 1998, to develop and commercialize his idea for a real-time patient data reporting system. The Siren ePCR system includes a rugged tablet computer with a touch screen that paramedics can easily use at the scene of an emergency or in the back of an ambulance while attending to a patient. An easy-to-navigate user interface allows paramedics to efficiently complete patient care reports and other essential forms.

The potential for the technology to improve patient care and increase operational efficiency is significant, given that the Siren ePCR system can be linked to hospital databases, 911 dispatch systems, electronic health records, and drug and protocol databases.

Users in North America and the United Kingdom report that paramedics are getting ambulances back on the road faster because they are no longer held up with paperwork. Furthermore, emergency physicians are receiving legible and complete documentation on their patients.

The Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation:
This year Foundation will award $165,000 in prize money. Four awards totaling $145,000 will go to leading Canadian innovators. Another $20,000 will go to Young Canadians chosen at the 2007 Canada-Wide Science Fair. The Foundation was established in 1980 in the name of Alberta statesman, Ernest C. Manning, to promote and support Canadian innovation. Since 1982, the Foundation has presented $3.76 million in prize money through its annual awards program. The 2007 awards will be presented at an awards gala on September 28th in Toronto. The 2007 Manning Principal Award Winner will be announced September 25th.