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Healthscreen lands new customers in Alberta

TORONTO – Healthscreen Solutions Inc., a developer of clinical and practice management systems, has announced a nationwide roll-out campaign. It simultaneously announced that it has landed its first customers outside of Ontario – a group of physicians at The Bowmont Clinic in Calgary, Alberta.

The busy 10 physician clinic is now up and running on Healthscreen’s popular CallerMD service, which eases the billing of uninsured medical services.

Dr. Connie Ellis, owner of the Bowmont Clinic stated, “This is exactly what we have been looking for in a system that is suited to our specific billing requirements. We are thrilled to have partnered with such a dynamic company and look forward to reaping further benefits from the CallerMD service.”

Adoption of CallerMD is growing rapidly in 2007, with more than 700 physician clients experiencing average income increases of $15,000 to $20,000 a year and reduced workloads by up to 30 minutes per day. Healthscreen is paid approximately 20% of recovered revenues from each doctor for the CallerMD service.

“Healthscreen has a strong reputation in Ontario for providing exceptional practice management products and services. Word of mouth inquiries are coming in from other provinces and we are pleased to be receiving this kind of recognition,” said Justin Belobaba, Healthscreen’s President and CEO. “The Bowmont Clinic is our first non-Ontario client and marks the beginning of a nationwide rollout strategy.”

Healthscreen’s growth objectives are being executed through an expansion into provinces beyond Ontario, partnerships with associations such as the OMA Sections of General and Family Practice and Pediatrics and strategic acquisitions, as evidenced by the recently announced gain of 1,300 physician customers and the MD-4000 software suite.

In addition, the company’s other robust services are being cross-sold to its growing client base, such as PrevCareMD, which assists physicians in attaining their preventive care bonuses and HSpractice, its leading electronic medical records (EMR) system for paperless offices.

Healthscreen maintains its commitment to delivering innovative, continuous practice enhancement to an increasing number of doctors and in doing so intends to change the face of the medical practice industry by improving physician returns and patient care.

About Healthscreen Solutions Inc.
Healthscreen Solutions ( offers a comprehensive suite of practice enhancing products and services designed to increase physician revenues, reduce costs and improve patient care. The Company’s OHIP billing and patient scheduling software is used by over 4,000 full-time physicians and handles more than $1.5 billion in healthcare transactions a year. Healthscreen’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software supports digitalization and network connectivity for community specialists and family physicians, plus a growing list of research groups. The company’s broader goal of Continuous Practice Enhancement is being further realized with a growing list of revenue-generating services such as CallerMD, which assists doctors in managing a range of uninsured medical services and PrevCareMD, which allows doctors to maximize government-funded preventive care bonuses.