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Physician IT

Healthscreen acquires Johnson Lake Software

TORONTO – Healthscreen Solutions Inc. has announced the acquisition of the Johnson Lake Software Ltd. (“JLS”) physician client list and its software series, MD-4000.

JLS, owned by D.E. Systems Ltd., has been providing technology services in Ontario and Quebec for over 35 years. Its MD-4000 division delivers Medical Office Management Systems currently used by approximately 1,300 Ontario physicians.

The total purchase price of the acquisition will remain confidential for competitive reasons. However, Healthscreen has issued 882,453 shares as partial payment, making JLS a Healthscreen shareholder and supporter.

“The acquisition of an established client list and a robust software like MD-4000 allows us to expand our client base and cross-sell existing high margin solutions, such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR), CallerMD and PrevCareMD,” said Healthscreen’s CEO, Justin Belobaba.

“This acquisition marks the 13th in our history and confirms the opportunity that exists to consolidate this fragmented industry. Our strategy of delivering a greater number of services to more doctors takes a major step forward today.”

The JLS software and client list acquisition brings Healthscreen’s customer roster to over 4,000 full time doctors across the nation, with a 25% market share in Ontario, according to the company. Healthscreen is committed to continuous practice enhancement and intends to become the number one choice for Canadian physicians, as stated in a corporate news release.

About Healthscreen Solutions Inc.
Healthscreen Solutions ( offers a comprehensive suite of practice enhancing products and services designed to increase physician revenues, reduce costs and improve patient care. The Company’s robust OHIP billing and patient scheduling software is used by over 4,000 full-time physicians and handles more than $1.5 billion in healthcare transactions a year.

Healthscreen’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software supports digitalization and network connectivity for community specialists and family physicians plus a growing list of research groups. The Company’s broader goal of Continuous Practice Enhancement is being further realized with a growing list of revenue-generating services such as CallerMD, which assists doctors in managing a range of uninsured medical services and PrevCareMD which allows doctors to maximize government-funded preventive care bonuses.