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Nightingale receives VCUR certification in Alberta

MARKHAM, Ont. – Nightingale Informatix Corp., a healthcare application service provider (ASP) of Electronic Medical Record and practice management solutions, announced that it received official confirmation from Alberta Health & Wellnet that its EMR software received level one and level two re-certification under Alberta’s Physician Office System Program (POSP) Vendor Conformance and Usability Requirements (VCUR), placing Nightingale on the approved VCUR Product Vendor List.

Physicians in Alberta qualify for POSP funding for physician office system software only when implementing products on the POSP approved vendor list. The complete list is available through the POSP office.

“Physicians within Alberta have increasingly begun to implement EMR to improve the efficiency of sharing patient data and enhance overall patient care,” said Sam Chebib, President and CEO Nightingale. “With the option of POSP funding for implementing products from the approved VCUR Product Vendor List, physicians within the province are using the list as a fundamental component of their decision making process. As such, being an approved vendor distinguishes Nightingale within the Alberta marketplace and strengthens our competitive position province-wide.”

The VCUR are a set of requirements against which Alberta’s POSP tests physician office systems against. The areas of testing include: billing, scheduling, EMR, workflow, ergonomics and clinical decision support. Nightingale successfully completed technical and Limited Production Rollout (LPR) conformance testing for Pharmaceutical Information Network (PIN) integration, and had previously successfully completed technical and production conformance testing against the Transfer and Conversion of Patient Data (TCoPD).

On another front, Nightingale announced contracts to provide its EMR solutions to Altoona Urologic in Altoona, Pennsylvania; Minneapolis Orthopedics, Ltd. in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Middlesex Medical Care PC in Middlesex, New Jersey and First Care Medical Center in Columbia, South Carolina.

Under the terms of the agreements, Nightingale has sold an aggregate of seven licenses of its EMR software applications to the four clinics, and will also provide associated support, training and implementation services.

All four implementations are expected to be completed during the current quarter. “Since completing our acquisition of VantageMed, we have been working to integrate our EMR solution with its practice management software to create cross-selling opportunities into its large customer base,” said Chebib.

“These four contract wins highlight the early success of our efforts and represent only a tiny fraction of the 6,000 healthcare clinic customers we acquired. Demand for EMR is growing rapidly, and going forward, we will continue to leverage this broad client base to rollout our EMR solutions in the U.S. and replicate the success we have realized to date in the Canadian EMR marketplace.”

“Within the U.S. healthcare market there is an increased focus on the ability to easily access and share patient data,” said Dr. Stephen R. Izard, President, First Care, Inc. “As such, there is an industry-wide shift toward EMR. First Care is looking forward to the integration and implementation of Nightingale’s EMR with our VantageMed product. We believe fully integrating these software tools will give us the degree of refinement and attention to detail required to have a truly useful and efficient EMR system. Our patients will benefit and so will our staff, as this new system positions us to further enhance our quality of patient care, by increasing the effectiveness of patient data management throughout our clinic.”

About Nightingale
Nightingale Informatix Corporation ( is one of North America’s fastest growing healthcare application service providers (ASP). Nightingale’s Internet-based Electronic Health Record (EHR), Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and practice management solutions are designed to help physicians, health centers, hospitals and other healthcare organizations more efficiently manage their operations and patient records.

About Physician Office System Program
The Physician Office System Program (POSP) is an initiative under the Master Agreement between the Alberta Medical Association, Alberta Health and Wellness (AHW) and Alberta’s Regional Health Authorities (RHAs). The program was designed with the vision of establishing a physician office information infrastructure that is integrated with the health information system and supports the development of an electronically-enabled information management culture within the physician community in Alberta. POSP is jointly sponsored by the Alberta Medical Association, Alberta Health and Wellness and Alberta’s Regional Health Authorities.