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Capital District to run major patient satisfaction survey

HALIFAX – Agili-T Health Solutions Inc., of Montreal, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a contract to manage the in-patient and out-patient surveys for Capital District Health Authority, in Nova Scotia, for the next 3 years.

Capital Health exists within the largest integrated academic health district in the Maritimes, known as the Capital Health District. The Capital Health District is one of nine health districts in Nova Scotia. The Capital Health District consists of the Halifax Regional Municipality and the western portion of Hants County in Nova Scotia.

Capital Health provides core health services to 395,000 residents, or 40 percent of the population of the Nova Scotia, and tertiary and quaternary acute care services to residents of Atlantic Canada. Specialized adult health services are provided to a referral population from the rest of the province of 550,000, and to residents of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. 9,985 staff are employed within Capital Health.

As part of its client-focused strategy and to improve the quality of care, Capital Health will be implementing a continuous patient feedback survey program.

The survey will target approximately 13,000 in-patients and out-patients a year, with questionnaires being mailed to patients on a monthly basis commencing August 2007.

In addition to the paper questionnaire, patients will have the option to complete the Web survey over the Internet. Agili-T shall manage the entire survey process, including survey distribution and data collection and will provide Capital Heath with real-time reporting and analytics through its Androfact survey application.

“We looked at various survey options and vendors across Canada and selected Agili-T because they we arable to fit our needs” says Pauline MacDonald, Quality Consultant for Capital Health. “Agili-T offers Capital Health the opportunity to gather patient feedback in a cost effective and an efficient manner. We can continue to monitor results by facility and service, and prepare manager/director specific reports,” say Mrs. MacDonald. “We also have comparator data, as other districts within Nova Scotia have adopted Agili-T’s approach and tools. We expect that our patient feedback mechanism will be enhanced and will better enable us to guide our quality improvement efforts.”

“Capital Health is a major achievement for our company,” says Richard Pridham, President of Agili-T Health Solutions. “It continues to demonstrate our ability to manage complex survey projects for large regional health authorities. Our client base has grown significantly in the past two years and now spans the entire country from coast to coast, confirming our positioning as Canada’s leading provider of healthcare survey solutions.”

About Agili-T Health Solutions
Agili-T Health Solutions is Canada’s leading vendor of healthcare satisfaction measurement and quality improvement services. Our survey services and software tools will allow healthcare providers to improve patient satisfaction, support safety and enhance employee quality of life. Agili-T’s Androfact survey system is a powerful, Web-based and fully hosted healthcare surveying application. It enables hospitals, clinics, continuing care facilities and regional health authorities to collect, analyze, benchmark, and report patient satisfaction levels in a cost-effective and continuous manner. For more information, please visit: