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Ontario funds research into value of medications

TORONTO – The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has announced the establishment of the Drug Innovation Fund, with $5 million available annually to provide Ontario researchers with stable, long-term funding needed to perform systems outcomes research, and evaluate the value of medicines in improving health outcomes.

The purpose of the Drug Innovation Fund is to:

• Generate strong, high-quality, independent evidence of the value of medicines across the healthcare system, linking drug intervention to health outcomes;

• Support drug (and broader health) policy decision making by generating needed information;

• Support and develop independent research capacity in the area of drugs and health outcomes, in academic centres across Ontario.

For those interested in applying for funding, the ministry is pleased to announce a formal competition for the first Call for Letters of Intent (LOI) for potential research grants. For additional details on the various research themes and how to apply for funding, including the submission process for LOIs, please refer to the Request for Letters of Intent document.

The ministry, in partnership with the Institute of Health Services and Policy Research of the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, is also pleased to announce the July 18, 2007 launch of the following capacity building award initiatives in support of:

• An Ontario Chair in Drug Policy;

• Four Fellowships Awards in drug policy.

Funding for the above capacity building award initiatives is provided through the ministry’s Drug Innovation Fund, in its continuing effort to support drug policy capacity building in Ontario. Please visit the Institute of Health Services and Policy Research website for details (including submission dates) and applications for the Ontario Chair in Drug Policy and the Drug Policy Fellowships Awards.

The Drug Innovation Fund is part of the McGuinty government’s plan to reform the provincial drug system.

For further information, please visit the ministry’s Research Unit’s section, or contact Orest Sporniak at (416) 326-3141, or by email at