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Electronic health records

Nightingale integrates Cissec’s patient management system

KINGSTON, Ont. – Cissec Corporation announced that is has entered into an exclusive strategic partnership with Nightingale Informatix Corp., a healthcare application service provider (ASP) of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and practice management software, that will see Nightingale integrate Cissec’s Patient Care Monitor technology (PCM) into its “Nightingale On-Demand” EMR product suite.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Nightingale to bring this unique technology to the healthcare market,” said Mike Rimmer, President and CEO of Cissec Corp. “With its leadership position in the Canadian EMR market and its growing footprint in the U.S., Nightingale is well positioned to successfully roll out this powerful, integrated application across North America.”

PCM is a clinical management tool that enables physicians, clinics and hospitals to track patient progress through the clinical care pathway in real-time, manage the entire process and measure patient wait time at any point in the system.

In addition, PCM offers standardized workflow options and creates patient timeline targets based on individual care requirements. Physicians can use PCM to evaluate timelines on a patient-by-patient basis, or across their entire patient base. PCM also provides administrators with the ability to identify, monitor and correct suboptimal processes and resources within their facilities, thereby improving patient wait time management.

“A key component of our organic growth strategy is to maintain our technology leadership by consistently enhancing our product suite,” said Sam Chebib, President and CEO of Nightingale. “Further strengthening our position in the North American EMR market by partnering with Cissec on this exciting initiative is a natural fit.”

Mr. Chebib continued: “Healthcare practitioners are increasingly faced with the pressure to manage patient care cycles more efficiently, especially as governments have now begun to set wait time objectives. By integrating Cissec’s PCM technology with our EMR solution, we have provided physicians and practice managers with the tools they need to automatically measure and manage patient timelines, identify bottlenecks in their processes and in turn improve upon the timeliness and quality of patient care they deliver.”

About Cissec
Cissec Corporation ( is an information engineering firm based in Kingston, Ontario. A privately held company, its genesis was as the technology resource at QUAIL (Queen’s University Advanced Informatics Laboratory) for healthcare research projects at Queen’s University and Kingston General Hospital. Over the past seven years, Cissec’s team has developed innovative solutions with local, provincial and national scope. This has been accomplished in collaboration with researchers, clinicians and administrators who share Cissec’s belief that technology can play an important role in alleviating some of the challenges facing healthcare, with the ultimate benefit of improved patient outcomes.

About Nightingale
Nightingale Informatix Corporation ( is one of North America’s fastest growing healthcare application service providers (ASP. Nightingale’s Internet-based Electronic Health Record (EHR), Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and practice management solutions are designed to help physicians, health centers, hospitals and other healthcare organizations more efficiently manage their operations and patient records. Nightingale’s products and services offer physicians in United States and Canada leading-edge functionality for clinical documentation, patient scheduling, resource scheduling, billing, transcription, end-to-end coding and claims processing, data management, work flow tools, laboratory interfaces, documentation management and patient portals, along with other real-time services.