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Project will examine use of IT in home care

OTTAWA – The Canadian Home Care Association (CHCA) has entered into a partnership with Canada Health Infoway to lead a national project on technology in home care. The project – Integration through Information Communication Technology in Home Care in Canada – will begin immediately and will result in a better understanding of  the prospects for information and communication technology (ICT) in the home-care sector across Canada.

The Project will support the CHCA’s goal of building a national knowledge base on technology in the home and community sector and exploring challenges and opportunities for current and future applications.

“We are delighted to be working with Canada Health Infoway and appreciative of this opportunity to undertake a formal assessment of where and how technology can best support home care within an integrated health system,” said Nadine Henningsen (pictured), CHCA Executive Director. “With limitless technology applications available, it is important to capture where the home care experts believe the opportunities lie. This project will allow that to happen.”

“As Canada’s population continues to age and grow, Canadians will increasingly rely on home care services to meet their healthcare needs,” said Richard Alvarez, President and CEO of Canada Health Infoway, a federally funded not-for-profit organization which invests with public sector partners to accelerate electronic health records across Canada.

“Our ultimate objective through this investment is to help increase access to home care by fostering more efficient ways to deliver care through technology.”

Key components of the project include surveying home care experts across Canada, hosting a pan-Canadian roundtable and sharing knowledge at a special workshop at the CHCA’s Home Care Summit in December. A final report with recommendations will be produced that identifies the potential of information and communication technologies within home care and the gaps that need to be addressed.

About the Canadian Home Care Association
The Canadian Home Care Association (CHCA) is a not-for-profit membership association dedicated to ensuring the availability of accessible, responsive home care and community supports to enable people to stay in their homes with safety, dignity and quality of life. Members of the Association include organizations and individuals from publicly funded home care programs, not-for-profit and proprietary service agencies, consumers, researchers, educators and others with an interest in home care. Through the support of the Association members who share a commitment to excellence, knowledge transfer and continuous improvement, CHCA serves as the national voice of home care and the access point for information and knowledge for home care across Canada. Further information is available at:

About Canada Health Infoway
Infoway is a federally-funded, not-for-profit organization that is leading the development and implementation of electronic health projects across Canada. Infoway works with provinces and territories to invest in electronic health projects, which support safer, more efficient healthcare delivery. Fully respecting patient confidentiality, these private and secure systems provide health care professionals with immediate access to complete and accurate patient information, enabling better decisions about diagnosis and treatment. See