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Dictation & transcription

Two Quebec City hospitals opt for Crescendo

LAVAL, Que. – Hôpital Enfant-Jésus and Hôpital Saint-Sacrement, merged under the name Centre hospitalier affilié universitaire de Québec (CHA), are now entering the final deployment phase of their new central digital dictation, speech recognition and transcription system. Both hospital centres opted for the Crescendo technology following a tender process in November 2006. The system, whose deployment began in May, should be fully operational by September 2007.

Overall, more than 325 physicians from seven departments (Radiology, Pathology, Nuclear Medicine, Respiratory Therapy, Psychiatry and Hematology) will benefit from the most recent Crescendo/SpeechMagic technologies. Fully integrated with the hospitals’ existing computer system, the new system will simplify the documentation workflow and facilitate the access to medical reports for all relevant medical personnel.

Physicians will be able to dictate over the phone or on their PCs (280 licenses in total). Out of the seven departments, four (Radiology, Respiratory Therapy, Psychiatry and Nuclear Medicine) will be equipped with the Crescendo solution, powered by SpeechMagic speech recognition technology.

The SpeechMagic engine will provide a French Canadian medical speech recognition ConText (specialized recognition vocabulary), which was developed exclusively for French Canadian users.

In back-end mode, the process will be fully transparent to physicians. Their dictations will automatically be processed by the speech recognition engine before they are sent to a transcriptionist for correction. The front-end mode will also be available to allow physicians to play a more active role in the report creation process, by allowing them to correct their reports, onscreen and in real-time, as they are being dictated.

Furthermore, bidirectional HL7 interfaces will be implemented between the Crescendo platform and existing ADT, RIS and Pathology systems, to ensure that patient information can always be accessed by and shared among the appropriate medical personnel.

Thirty-eight (38) transcriptionists will be equipped with MedRite-IP – a world-renowned, medical transcription system with over 150 000 users across the world. This environment will be fully integrated with both hospitals’ existing patient information system.

Documents transcribed and managed using this application could then be sent to a central, electronic patient record databank, should the CHA decide to use one in the future.

Furthermore, 27 DigiPlayer-IP accesses will serve as a link between the Crescendo central dictation system and MédiSolution – the transcription application currently used by the Radiology and Pathology departments. This will enable transcriptionists from these departments to benefit from a unique computer environment, by allowing them to use the application they are most familiar with to receive and process documents generated by the speech recognition engine.

About Crescendo
Crescendo develops digital dictation, speech recognition, transcription, workflow and document management systems tailored for the needs of the healthcare sector. Since 1990, the Crescendo premise-based technology has allowed over 2,000 single and multi-site healthcare installations to streamline and cost-efficiently manage the most complex documentation workflows while achieving the cross-system integrations (PACS, RIS, etc.) that are so critical to the quality of patient care. Partners with some of the most respected companies in the world, Crescendo incorporates technology from Philips SpeechMagic, Citrix, Olympus and Grundig, and has a worldwide presence. For more information, visit