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St. Joseph’s London featured in Sicko ‘documentary’

LONDON, Ont. – St. Joseph’s Health Care, London, plays a starring role in the recently released film, Sicko, made by controversial movie director Michael Moore (pictured).

Sicko, which critiques the U.S. healthcare industry, contains interviews with a surgeon and patient of St. Joseph’s Hand and Upper Limb Centre (HULC). The patient, a Woodstock area man, lost all the fingers on one hand in an industrial accident and had them reattached at HULC. His story is contrasted with the experience of a man in the U.S. who also lost his fingers but couldn’t afford to have all of them reattached.

The film also features interviews with patients in St. Joseph’s Urgent Care Centre.

“The expertise of our HULC team has been a source of pride for St. Joseph’s since it opened in 1992,” says president and CEO Cliff Nordal. “Now the world will know of the excellence provided by this highly acclaimed and cutting-edge facility.”

The HULC success stories are many, adds HULC director Dr. James Roth, a founder of the centre. “To share our achievements in the bright lights of the entertainment world is certainly a new experience, but I’m pleased the excellent work of our team is being recognized on such a grand scale.”

St. Joseph’s Health Care, London is a major patient care, teaching and research centre with a distinguished legacy of service to London, Southwestern Ontario and the veterans of Canada, dating back more than 130 years. St. Joseph’s five key role areas include acute/ambulatory care, complex care and veterans care, long-term care, rehabilitation and specialized geriatrics and specialized mental health care.

Facilities and services including St. Joseph’s Hospital, Parkwood Hospital, Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care and Regional Mental Health Care London and St. Thomas are part of the St. Joseph’s family. Our research arm, the Lawson Health Research Institute, continues to direct their research to the development of new knowledge that is continually being applied directly to patient care. More than 400,000 patients annually receive care from close to 6,000 physicians and staff at St. Joseph’s. St. Joseph’s is affiliated with the University of Western Ontario.

Hand and Upper Limb Centre, St. Joseph’s Health Care, London
The Hand and Upper Limb Centre (HULC) is a leading Canadian centre providing a wide range of state-of-the-art care for patients with any injury or condition of the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder. Opened in 1992, it is a nationally and internationally recognized centre of excellence in treatment, research and teaching.

HULC is unique in its scope, providing comprehensive orthopedic and plastic surgery as well as non-surgical services:

• Shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand joint replacements
• finger reattachments
• microsurgical tissue transfers
• nerve reconstruction and repair
• treatment of chronic injuries
• carpal tunnel syndrome treatment
• plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery
• fracture management
• chronic wound treatment
• state-of-the-art imaging
• arthroscopy
• rehabilitation
• return to work programs
• industry consultation
• patient education

The team
The HULC team is an interdisciplinary group of specialists including: 12 orthopedic and plastic surgeons, occupational and physiotherapists, radiologists, physiatrists, cast technicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, residents, fellows, medical students, research and support staff. Located in the Monsignor Roney building of St. Joseph’s Hospital, the team provides one-stop care for patients.

Cutting-edge research in four labs at HULC digs deep to further understand and improve treatment for injuries and conditions of the hand and upper limb. Research focuses on: bioengineering; implants, treatment choices and clinical outcomes; cell and molecular biology; and surgical skills.

Patient visits
Each year, HULC handles 30,000 clinic visits, 14,000 therapy visits and 3,800 surgical cases in the operating rooms and clinic.