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Diagnostic imaging

Calgary radiologists install general and portable DR

CALGARY – Canon announced that EFW Radiology Partnership has installed new Canon general digital radiography (DR) systems and Canon portable DR systems into EFW facilities in Calgary.

EFW Radiology Partnerships owns and operates twelve clinics, and provides radiology services at the High River Hospital and Foothills Medical Centre, in the greater Calgary area.

A total of 14 Canon DR systems, purchased from Horizon Medical Service, an authorized Canon dealer in Mississauga, Ont., were installed at EFW clinics.

Eight of the Canon DR systems were installed in new general radiology rooms in the Beddington and Gulf EFW clinics. The six other Canon DR systems were placed in other EFW clinics, including single-plate solutions in Northhill and Southport, and dual-plate solutions in the Airdrie and Foothills sites.

“The new Canon DR systems will give EFW greater flexibility in the types of X-ray images that can be taken in its facilities, while helping to improve productivity, patient throughput and enhancing the overall exam experience for patients, technicians and doctors alike,” said Tsuneo Imai, director and general manager, Medical Systems Division, Canon U.S.A., Inc.

“We chose Canon CXDI systems because we could retrofit our existing equipment and have DR at a CR price,” said Marc Galeski, Chief Operating Officer. “Our techs love the new Canon systems, which are having positive repercussions throughout our firm.”

The flexibility of the Canon solutions allows for both upgrading existing equipment with Canon DR technology or including Canon DR as part of a completely new system. The Canon CXDI-40EG General DR system provides a large imaging area of 17-inches x 17-inches, and lets you capture desired anatomical views for both large and small format X-rays in portrait or landscape orientation without having to rotate the detector unit. This system can retrofit onto almost any new or existing bucky table, upright tilting wall stand, universal or ceiling suspended multi-positioning unit.

According to the company, Canon was the first in the industry to deliver a portable DR system, producing a solution in 2001. One of its newest portable DR systems – the Canon CXDI-50G DR – is a lightweight, large imaging area (17-inches x 14-inches) DR system designed for diverse applications including trauma and bedside exams.

Optical and Imaging Heritage of Canon
Canon has a strong optical and imaging heritage. This heritage has allowed Canon to make a significant mark in the medical imaging market, particularly when it comes to high-quality, affordable DR solutions and innovations. Since 1997, Canon Medical Systems has introduced eight generations of flat panel sensors (the Canon CXDI-11/22, Canon CXDI-31, Canon CXDI-40G, Canon CXDI-50G, Canon CXDI-40C, Canon CXDI-40EG, the Canon CXDI-50C and the Canon CXDI-40EC flat panel sensors), offering a full range of DR system solutions for various applications. Canon Medical Systems has installed more than 1,400 DR sensor panels throughout Canada, the United States and Latin America, part of more than 3,500 DR systems that have been installed worldwide by the Canon family of companies.