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Electronic medical records

VisualMED EHR to be deployed over Internet

MONTREAL – VisualMED Clinical Solutions Corp. announced that the VisualMED Electronic Health Record will be deployed in a subscriber user format over the Web for the internet community.

According to the company, distribution will be handled by a new joint venture partnership between licensee Medical.MD, of Montreal, and a group of associates that includes an advertising agency and a leading provider of information technology.

The agreement calls for the VisualMED to receive a one-time license fee of $1.5 million, in addition to a royalty stream equal to 15% of the overall revenues of Medical.MD.

This joint venture has begun to negotiate with some of the larger corporate employers for group subscriptions to its subscriber-based personal health record that will be marketed to the general public as well. These corporations are already involved in managing healthcare for their employees, and the provision of a subscriber-based electronic medical record will contribute to the optimization of access to care.

“Early corporate interest indicates that we may have as many as 800,000 corporate subscriptions by the end of year one,” said Chairman Gerard Dab. “At $40 per subscription, our 15% royalty stream will be a significant revenue source that complements our other business interests.”

Subscribers will have fully secure, immediate access to their full personal medical record from anywhere in the world, and will be able to independently manage their personal health record. Medical.MD will be providing the same medical technology currently in use in “paperless” hospitals in the United States and Canada.

About Medical.MD Inc.
Medical.MD provides web-based technology that allows subscribers to monitor their own patient record and care procedures. State of the art clinical information system software allows anyone to access key information critical to their own care, and provide a full range of medical information for any condition and available treatments, which when used alone or in conjunction with a physician, can dramatically increase the chances for positive health outcomes, and lead to a better informed public.

About VisualMED
VisualMED Clinical Solutions Corp. markets and distributes clinical management solutions that help hospitals and healthcare authorities reduce medication errors, increase personnel efficiency and bring down operating costs. One of its key decision support components is a core solution in the new agenda to promote greater patient safety and reduce risks due to medication errors. Additional information is available at