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Toronto firm to bring Egyptian hospital into operation

TORONTO – A new partnership between what will be the largest free-standing paediatric oncology centre in the world, and the Canadian healthcare management firm Comprehensive Care International (CCI), will help ensure state-of-the-art medical treatment for children with cancer in Egypt and across the Middle East.

CCI President and CEO, Katherine Jones, announced the selection of CCI as the vendor of choice by the Cairo-based Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357. CCI has been contracted to bring the new facility to full operating status.

“With construction of the facility almost complete,” says Jones, “CCI’s role will be to structure a patient care system that meets international standards. We’ll achieve this through capacity building – a hands-on process with local staff to transfer appropriate Canadian technology and experience. We’ll also build the capacity of hospital leadership to independently operate the hospital as a centre of excellence after our consultancy is completed.”

The new hospital, which was built through the generosity of public donations, will offer services in the areas of prevention, treatment, education and research.

Features of the new hospital include:

• 185 beds with expansion capabilities to 350 beds;

• intensive care and bone marrow transplant units;

• a comprehensive surgery department able to conduct complicated tumour surgery, such as neuro, micro, and ophthalmic surgery;

• a large outpatient facility able to accommodate 300 patients per day;

• speciality clinics, such as pain, cardiology, dental and ophthalmology;

• the first specialized department of psychology, social work and psychiatry in Egypt for paediatric oncology patients;

• the first comprehensive physiotherapy department for oncology patients in Egypt;

• state of the art diagnostics and laboratory support; and

• a fully equipped radiotherapy department.

“We believe that this partnership will make a real difference to the quality of life and health of children throughout the Arab world,” says Colleen Geiger, Vice President of Projects at CCI. “In Egypt there are over 3,000 new malignant cases of cancer each year in children under the age of 15.

“Of these, CCH 57357 expects to see 1,800 new cases at full capacity. The transfer of healthcare technology and practices is especially relevant as a means of improving survival rates, and establishing the potential for further research and prevention programs within this area of the world.”

Specifically, CCI will bring CCH 57357 to full operating status and promote long-term sustainability by establishing the hospital’s clinical program plan as well as providing consultancy in the areas of:

• governance and management structure;

• human resource requirements, policies and procedures;

• financial planning and financial reporting;

• quality management and quality improvement processes;

• academic sustainability; and

• information technology systems.

About CCI
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