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AOL co-founder Steve Case launches eHealth site

WASHINGTON, D.C. – After three months in preview mode, Revolution Health has formally launched, a comprehensive health and medical information site, specially designed with the family’s Chief Health Officer – busy moms and other caregivers – in mind.

Revolution Health also announced the acquisition of TLContact, Inc., the company that provides CarePages, the leading Internet service for building online communities that support communication among family and friends when someone is receiving care.

“While Revolution Health will be a journey over many years to come, we are excited to launch a site that is the cornerstone of our efforts to revolutionize healthcare,” said Steve Case, co-founder of AOL and chairman and CEO of Revolution Health. “There is a lot of great health information and tools on the Internet, but nobody has assembled them in a way that is compelling and useful for consumers who want to take more control of their family’s health. We’ve scoured the landscape to find the very best health tools and content, and we’ve put them together all in one place – and made them all free. We will continue to work to build – in partnership with dozens of organizations and millions of people – the Internet’s leading health site.”

Revolution Health also announced the acquisition of CarePages (, a rapidly growing health community that already generates 30 million monthly page views. “Our acquisition of CarePages adds an incredible service that enables friends and family to share health information and emotional support when a mother gives birth, or when a loved one faces a serious condition,” Case said.

“CarePages and Revolution Health share the same objective: to empower the consumer, the patient and the family member,” said Eric Langshur, founder and CEO of TLContact. “We are proud to bring our trusted brand to the Revolution Health family and excited about the opportunity to bring Revolution Health’s innovative tools and content to our CarePages members and the 500 leading hospitals and care providers that we work with.” is a free site that offers health information, treatment advice and more than 125 online tools. More than one million people tested the site in preview mode, and thanks to their input, the site launches with features that include:

UNMATCHED HEALTH INFORMATION IN EASY-TO-USE FORMAT: While there are plenty of health sites on the web, launches as the ONLY website where users can find, in one place, content from three of the world’s leading medical establishments –, Cleveland Clinic and Harvard Health Publications. And Revolution Health’s team of editors and medical experts has put this content in an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand format, the company said.

THE SITE FOR BUSY WOMEN: features Mayo’s Symptom Checker, so parents can quickly learn about what may be ailing their kids; Medicine Chest that provides the best expert assessments of prescription medicines and treatment options, plus the latest information on natural and alternative therapies; and – through a unique partnership with The Society for Women’s Health Research – the most up-to-date women’s health information.

KNOWYOURRISK – “GIVE US 10 MINUTES, WE’LL GIVE YOU 10 YEARS”: claims to have launched the web’s best online health test – KnowYourRisk – a state-of-the-art assessment pioneered by BioSignia. In just 10 minutes, by confidentially entering basic health information, the KnowYourRisk proprietary program can calculate a user’s risk of contracting one of the nine most common diseases – and can provide personalized information on actions to help reduce that risk and live longer.

REVOLUTION RATINGS – FIND A DOCTOR, SEE WHAT OTHERS SAY: Revolution Ratings offer the web’s most comprehensive, free online directory of doctors, specialists, and hospitals – complete with objective information about results and patient-provided “ratings” about providers’ responsiveness, “bedside manner” and patient interaction.

REVOLUTION HEALTH PAGES – HEALTH CONTENT BY PEOPLE LIKE YOU, FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU: Now people can create and customize their own health pages, including their top-rated articles, tools and resources, as well as photos and personal stories. This sophisticated self-publishing capability encompasses Web 2.0’s promise of creating customized health content: patients and families dealing with health issues can share the benefit of their experiences with others – and learn from others, too.

“Reliable and useful information about health is a precious commodity. can help consumers take greater control of their health,” said David A. Kessler, M.D., former Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration; Kessler consulted with Revolution Health on the development of the site.


CarePages is one of the web’s largest and fastest growing health-related communities. To date, nearly two million people have used CarePages to create online support communities when a baby is born, when a loved one or friend is hospitalized, or to stay connected with an elderly relative in a long-term care residence. The site receives more than 30 million page views per month, making it one of the most active health sites on the Internet.

The CarePages service was started by Eric and Sharon Langshur in March 2000 after their newborn son, Matthew, was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. To keep friends and family informed, they constructed a simple website that included updates, a message board and a photo gallery. That was the first CarePages page, and it inspired them to build a company so everyone who needed a similar place could have one for free. Seven years later, Matthew is a happy 3rd grader, the company has grown to provide service to more than 500 of the leading hospitals and care providers in North America, and CarePages is touching the lives of millions of families across the globe.

CarePages, which will continue to operate as a separate unit within Revolution Health, will be integrated with the offering in the months ahead – and’s best-of-the-web content will increasingly be integrated on the CarePages site.


Revolution Health has joined forces with some of the world’s leading health groups and organizations to bring depth and support to These include:

iVillage , the leading online destination for women, has partnered with Revolution Health to provide iVillage’s 16 million users with access to Revolution Health’s interactive health tools. The tools, such as the KnowYourRisk health assessment, will live on iVillage Total Health, the brand’s consumer health destination. iVillage will provide its members with additional Revolution Health services, including access to their insurance marketplace, to help women better manage their family’s health.

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), with more than 94,000 physician and medical student members, which has partnered with Revolution Health to help consumers find a “medical home,” help technology work seamlessly for consumers and promote a more patient-centered model of care.

Leading Non-Profit Organizations, such as Susan G. Komen for the Cure, The Society for Women’s Health Research, Autism Speaks, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, American Public Health Association, Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure, National Family Caregivers Association and The Wellness Community. These groups – and others – are working with Revolution Health to raise awareness of health issues and encourage consumers to be more actively involved in promoting their own health.

Columbia University Medical Center, which has teamed with Revolution Health to create the premier new internet destination for pregnancy and maternal health on Columbia Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology doctors and researchers will participate in weekly blogs to answer questions from online visitors and provide online access to original articles and frontline research through

About Revolution Health Group LLC

Revolution Health Group LLC (“Revolution Health Group”) was founded in March 2005 by Steve Case to create products and services that empower people by putting them at the center of the health system. Revolution Health Group’s other founding investors and board members include Colin Powell, Carly Fiorina, Jim Barksdale, Frank Raines, Steve Wiggins, Miles Gilburne, John Delaney, Jeff Zients and David Golden. The company is based in Washington, D.C. About TLContact Founded in March 2000, TLContact, Inc. is a Chicago-based, private company that provides the CarePages service. CEO Eric Langshur and his wife Sharon started the company after a personal experience creating the first CarePage. CarePages is the leading patient website service, offered by hundreds of marquee healthcare facilities across North America.