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Electronic health records

Purkinje provides clinical solution to Quebec region

MONTREAL – The Centre de santé et de services sociaux de La Côte-de-Gaspé (CSSS-CDG Health and Social Services Centre) has selected a solution from the Purkinje-Trigonix partnership for the implementation of a Computerized Medical Record (CMR).

The main objective of this project, which has a total cost of $1.1 million (including software, scanning and technology infrastructure), is the scanning and viewing of a secure and confidential CMR that is accessible throughout the hospital and other CSSS facilities.

The Purkinje solution will integrate the ensemble of clinical information via a series of interfaces with laboratory, imaging, index-ADT, scheduling, dictation/transcription, and PACS systems, as well as the scanned images.

The CSSS-CDG is a healthcare establishment made up of seven facilities: a 125-bed long-term care facility, five community services (CLSC, equivalent tovcommunity health centres), as well as a 56-bed hospital that dispenses avcomplete range of general and specialized care in both inpatient and out-patient modes.

The CSSS-CDG services a population which is spread out overvmore than 4 000 km(2). The region is subdivided into six municipalities, of which Gaspé is the largest.

The Purkinje-Trigonix solution allows users to scan, integrate, organize, and view past patient files, thus making it possible to share this information more efficiently and economically between the CSSS-CDG’s facilities. By the same token, the Medical Records department solves its chronic lack of space issue.

Trigonix, responsible for the on-site scanning of patient files, estimates that there will be approximately 6.2 million pages to scan in colour. Purkinje/Dossier, which includes Purkinje’s e-Documents (scan+view) and Results modules, will integrate in one system past patient files and current results generated by the Centre’s information systems.

What’s more, Purkinje’s CMR allows users to annotate digital files with text, drawings or audio, as well as centralize all types of documents related to a given patient by organizing them according to care episode or other criteria.

Instantly Access and Share Clinical Information

Healthcare professionals working at the CSSS-CDG will have instant access, in a secure and confidential manner, to all of their patients’ clinical information, including lab results which will be accessible through the implementation of Purkinje’s Results module.

Purkinje will develop interfaces with the Centre’s existing systems, and will be responsible for the deployment as well as technical support. The Purkinje solution will transform the working environment of over 50 general practitioners and specialists at the CSSS-CDG. As well, over 700 of the Centre’s employees will be affected by this transition.

Financing Plan

“One of the motivating factors for us was the possibility of financing our project through a subscription program which allows us to absorb the implementation costs via our operations budget,” explains Jean-Pierre Tremblay, General Manager of the CSSS-CDG. “Purkinje offered us a subscription model, and Trigonix followed with a five-year financing plan for the scanning portion of the project. We appreciate the flexibility and good will that both of these companies have shown.”

In an effort to encourage other healthcare establishments to equip themselves with an electronic solution without having to go through the selection process, the CSSS-CDG has made its Request for Proposal available to any interested centre.

Denis Asselin, President of Trigonix, emphasizes the importance of partnerships in the context of any large-scale project: “We have been collaborating with Purkinje for many years and our partnership works very well. The relationship between our two companies has allowed us to successfully complete EHR-scanning projects at the CSSS Pierre-Boucher and the CHAU Hôtel-Dieu-de-Lévis University Affiliated Hospital Centre.

“At the CSSS-CDG, we are also working in close collaboration with GTI Canada and EMC. GTI Canada is responsible for all the equipment and implementation of the technology infrastructure, while EMC manages and stores the data.”

The implementation of the CMR is just the beginning for the Centre, which plans to transition towards a Unique Patient Record by implementing an Electronic Health Record (EHR).

“The next phase at the CSSS-CDG will be the implementation of Purkinje’s Prescriber, with its medications advisor, and Orders modules,” explains Lucian Jeglinschi, General Manager at Purkinje. “We are proud to offer our client a solution that allows them to reach their ultimate goal: a shareable patient record that makes clinical information available to all of the CSSS-CDG’s sites.

“This rapid and immediate access to information will have a huge impact on the productivity of the healthcare professionals and the quality of care that they provide to their patients.”

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