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New solution allows hospitals to keep HR in-house

EDMONTON – A new Human Resources application from Ormed Information Systems allows hospitals to manage sophisticated HR functions in-house, 24/7, instead of relying on outsourced solutions that separate them from their data, the company said.

Launched in March 2007, Ormed MIS Recruitment, Applicant Tracking, and Labor Relations software complement its Staff Scheduling software and Payroll system to help complex healthcare organizations with multiple unions and collective agreements eliminate counter-productive businesses practices that obstruct efficiency.

“Advances on the clinical side have not been sufficiently matched in administration,” says Nalini Ostashower, product manager, Human Resources Management. “What’s needed is superior human resources practice that puts the right people and the right processes in place for peak performance without undue wear and tear on anyone.”

According to the company, Ormed MIS Recruitment facilitates fully integrated, position-driven recruitment and timely response to recruitment needs. Postings and recruitment ads are created in seconds by populating user-defined fields with pre-set job description, skills and education requirements, location, and other position-specific criteria.

Position-driven custom forms with weighted, user-specified questions can be equally useful in employment interviews, annual performance reviews, exit interviews, and discipline interviews.

Recruitment costs are fully tracked to determine the most efficient and cost-effective recruitment methods and provide total financial control of the recruitment process.

ORMED MIS Applicant Tracking streamlines the selection process, with the ability to auto-search resumes and other applicant record attachments (.doc, .rtf) for key words that identify applicants who closely match specified job requirements.

“In addition to saving the recruiter a lot of time, this technology facilitates consistent interviewing and post-interview analysis of candidates,” Ostashower said. “It reduces reliance on – and eliminates the costs of – external consultants and agencies.

“And since all relevant information in the applicant record seamlessly ports to the employee record, it eliminates data re-entry at the time of hire while providing a complete profile of each employee.”

Ormed MIS Labor Relations supports user-defined, step-driven management of individual and group grievance processes to ensure responsiveness and completeness.

The solution also assists healthcare organizations in meeting their legal requirements. It facilitates the professional management of disciplinary issues and securely stores communication logs to provide an accurate audit trail of actions, correspondence, and communication.

Ormed MIS Human Resources software also tracks workplace injuries to allow timely identification of trouble spots and trends in order to quickly prompt actions that will reduce injuries and their costs to employees, productivity, and the bottom line.

A new Ormed MIS Staff Budgeting module is scheduled for release later this year, completing this phase of development in the ORMED MIS Human Resources Management suite.

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