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Clinical systems

Purkinje releases new hosted solution for doctors

ST. LOUIS, Mo. and MONTREAL – Purkinje Inc., a leading provider of clinical information systems for doctors’ offices in the United States and Canada, has introduced CareSeries, which is said to be an integrated, Web-based suite of software solutions for medical practices.

Tailored for small and medium-sized physician practices, CareSeries is a hosted solution that includes electronic health record (EHR) modules, enterprise practice management and billing, e-prescribing and a personal health record.

Bryan Dieter (pictured), president and CEO of Purkinje, said the system has been in development for five years, and involved over 100 developers in St. Louis, Montreal and an office in India. As well as being a hosted or ASP solution, the new system will make use of thin-clients, essentially end-user computers and devices without hard drives. “Thin clients provide users with better manageability and lower costs,” said Dieter.

The new CareSeries will replace the previous Purkinje EHR, called Dossier, which has many users in Canada and the U.S. Dieter said a great deal of work has been completed on the Canadian version of CareSeries. “Everything in Canada uses Canadian codes,” he noted, including billing codes and ICD-10 CA.

As well, he said Purkinje is working with Canadian partners to customize the system to different geographical areas and types of medical practices. The company has also invested about $2 million in a Toronto-area data centre to provide hosted solutions.

CareSeries includes:

• CareSeries EHR – an electronic health record combining time enhancing features with evidence-driven decision support and population management tools.

• CareSeries EPM – An enterprise practice management system that automates common administrative and billing tasks, and strealimes front and back-office workflow while ensuring timely and accurate reimbursement.

• CareSeries ERx – An award winning e-prescribing system offering context-specific integrated clinical decision support at the point of prescribing, based on the published evidence.

• CareSeries PHR – A personal health record system which enables communication between physicians and their patients via a secure website. CareSeries PHR enables patients to update demographics, request refills, view lab results, pay bills, complete their medical history, schedule appointments, and access care recommendations and educational handouts.

By way of background, in 1995 Purkinje released Dossier, the company’s first Windows-based electronic medical record system. The system enabled clinicians to quickly document encounters while capturing discrete clinical data which could easily be reviewed, analyzed, and utilized to positively impact patient care. It became one of the most widely used EMRs in Canada. It is employed by thousands of physicians in clinics, hospitals, and other organizations, including the Canadian Department of National Defence.

In 2005, Purkinje was acquired by St. Louis-based Wellinx, a leading provider of electronic prescribing software to physicians throughout the United States. Wellinx was founded by Tom Doerr, M.D. an internal medicine physician and the visionary behind the company’s electronic prescribing software. Dr. Doerr’s vision was to create an e-prescribing system that not only expedited the prescription writing process but also provided access to useful medical evidence at the point of prescribing, with visibility into the cost and efficacy of various medication treatment alternatives. The product was released in 2001, and in a series of peer-reviewed studies has been shown to have made a substantial impact on the cost and quality of patient care.

Upon finalization of the acquisition, Wellinx adopted the Purkinje name. Immediately thereafter, Purkinje began to build a next-generation practice management and electronic medical record solution to be deployed throughout the United States and Canada based on the aggregate experience of each company. That solution is the newly released Purkinje CareSeries.