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CHIMA and B Sharp partner on data quality tool

TORONTO – B Sharp Technologies and the Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA) have announced a partnership to develop a new, standardized data quality tool.

“Collecting accurate health information impacts the entire healthcare system, from utilization management to quality of care to resource allocation initiatives to reporting,” says Gail Crook, CEO and Registrar of CHIMA. “B Sharp shares our dedication to ensuring the highest quality of information for healthcare, and we are looking forward to building a data-quality tool that provides a standardized approach.”

“Health Information Management professionals are at the centre of change as the Electronic Health Record becomes a reality and we are delighted to be partnering with CHIMA,” says Tony Iantorno, Partner, B Sharp Technologies Inc. “By working with CHIMA, we can build applications that satisfy all the healthcare stakeholders while ensuring data quality is at the centre of the collection process.”

B Sharp and CHIMA will begin work on the data quality application immediately, with the intent to market the product in Canada and around the world as healthcare organizations continue to meet the challenges of maintaining high data integrity.

About the Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA)
The Canadian Health Information Management Association (formerly the Canadian Health Record Association) was established over 63 years ago to ensure sound health record management principles in Canada. CHIMA is the certifying body for Health Information Management (HIM) Programs in Canadian colleges and universities, and we certify HIM professionals through the Canadian College of Health Record Administrators (CCHRA).

About B Care
B Care is a leader in integrated healthware solutions. Our products are developed to meet the demands of the evolving clinical environment to facilitate quality, compliant, point-of-care. B Care is focused on delivering applications that provide value to key healthcare stakeholders and are interoperable, streamlining integration with existing systems. For more information, visit our website at