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Electronic patient records

Sunnybrook and OntarioMD team up for My Chart

TORONTO – Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre’s eHealth initiative and OntarioMD Inc., a subsidiary of the Ontario Medical Association, are jointly making it possible for the hospital’s electronic continuity of care record system, ‘My Chart’, to reach more patients and physicians.

My Chart was launched by Sunnybrook in early 2006 and is a way for patients to set up, manage and access their own personal health record online.

My Chart health information comes directly from Sunnybrook’s electronic patient record system. It can be used by patients to monitor care while traveling, set up family records, manage a family member’s health information and care plan, keep care providers up to date, set up emergency information, and access care in the community.

“These are exciting times in healthcare and technology,” says Sam Marafioti (pictured), CIO at Sunnybrook. “With My Chart, we are focusing on the patient’s need for quick access to their personal health information while improving the information exchange between care providers.”

The system will be available to Sunnybrook patients and physicians, with plans under way for a hospital-wide roll-out of My Chart over the next year.

For healthcare providers, the My Chart system provides access to interpreted test results, electronic referral, on-line forms, patient questionnaires and surveys, on-line scheduling, pre-registration, and information sharing among physicians and other health organizations.

Together, Sunnybrook and OntarioMD Inc. will make My Chart more widely available to physicians in the community.

“Physicians are key in providing continuity of care to patients and we are looking forward to working with Sunnybrook to engage this very important group of care providers,” says Brian Forster, CEO of OntarioMD Inc.

“My Chart puts health and wellness information at your fingertips like never before, and this knowledge is empowering,” says Sarina Cheng, Director of eHealth Strategies and Operations at Sunnybrook. “It provides the tools people need to better monitor and understand personal health status, which is key, because no one is more invested in your health than you are.”

About Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre is transforming health care through the dedication of its more than 10,000 staff members who provide compassionate and innovative patient focused care. An internationally recognized leader in women’s health, academic research and education and an affiliation with the University of Toronto distinguishes Sunnybrook as one of Canada’s premier health sciences centres. Sunnybrook specializes in caring for newborns, adults and the elderly, treating and preventing cancer, heart problems, orthopaedic and arthritic conditions and traumatic injuries.

About OntarioMD
OntarioMD is a subsidiary of the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) and receives funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care(MOHLTC). OntarioMD was established to support physician adoption of information technology (IT) by connecting Ontario physicians to valuable products and services – and each other. The primary goal is to help physicians implement efficiencies in their practice and deliver improved patient care by leveraging the value of IT.