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MedSenses and Medworxx join forces on learning systems

FREDERICTON, N.B. and TORONTO – MedSenses, an emerging New Brunswick eLearning company, and Medworxx, a Canadian leader in learning management systems (LMS) for hospitals, announced a partnership that will deliver web-based healthcare content through the Medworxx platform.

MedSenses has developed a proprietary methodology for building educational content for the nursing community. “Our eCycle methodology will lead the way in the planning, creating, and integration of web-based content”, said Trish Coady, President and CEO, MedSenses.

“This partnership is extremely important for both MedSenses and Medworxx because the combination of content and LMS provides a complete solution for hospitals that have or are looking to implement eLearning”, said Coady. “Medworxx has the clients; MedSenses has the content. The combination makes a lot of sense as we both look to compete in the North American market.”

Medworxx makes a strategic platform that hospitals use to communicate, aggregate, and analyze knowledge. The Medworxx LMS supports the development, management, and delivery of classroom and online learning, with associated reporting and compliance tracking capabilities.

“The addition of MedSenses’ content library and its eCycle rapid development process will allow Medworxx and its customers to accelerate the deployment of their LMS through best-of-breed content,” said Dan Matlow, president & CEO, Medworxx. “We are very excited about the opportunity to have a cost effective ‘factory’ building content to support our LMS implementations.”

In hospitals, staffing issues and personnel shortages have contributed to the need for enhanced workforce development, as well as additional competency-based training. Statistics from the American College of Healthcare Executives, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the US Department of Labor all show that nursing shortages are prevalent, and that nursing will be a huge area of job growth/replacement.

The American Journal of Nursing reported that offering training and educational opportunities to hospital personnel is increasingly recommended as a retention and recruitment incentive. The combination of content from MedSenses and the LMS platform from Medworxx will provide hospitals with the ability to efficiently and effectively train and educate their personnel.

About MedSenses
MedSenses is an emerging New Brunswick eLearning company that has developed a proprietary method for building educational content for the nursing community. Founded by two nurses, Trisha Coady and Lynn Casey, the company has successfully moved through its initial Research and Development and created 200 hours of the most interactive learning content for the nursing community. This number is expected to increase to 700 hours by the end of December. The goal of MedSenses is to become the North American leader in web-based “Cradle to Grave” content for Nurses’ Continuing Education. For more information, visit

About Medworxx
Medworxx, the makers of strategic software platforms that hospitals use to communicate, aggregate, and analyze knowledge, has been capturing the power of hospital knowledge since 2004. Medworxx’ products are used by more than 200,000 users at over 150 hospitals across North America. Headquartered in Toronto, Medworxx is privately held. For more information, visit