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Wait times

Kingston hospitals surpass wait times reporting requirements

KINGSTON, Ont. – An innovative patient wait-list technology developed by Kingston General Hospital is being credited by doctors and hospital administrators for placing Kingston-area hospitals first in Ontario in providing data to Ontario’s Wait Times Information System (WTIS).

As of Nov. 20, staff and surgeons at Kingston General Hospital, Hotel Dieu Hospital and Lennox & Addington County General Hospital, in Napanee, began sending wait-time data directly to the WTIS database using Axcess.Rx, an innovative management tool developed and piloted at KGH.

Unlike other hospitals in the province, the Kingston-area hospitals have reported wait-time data electronically for the past four years, using Axcess.Rx. The software enabled KGH and its sister institutions to seamlessly integrate their own in-house wait-list reporting system with the provincially mandated waiting times database, without increased workload or expense by staff or physicians.

“This software tool enabled our surgeons and their staff to achieve their reporting requirements without additional effort,” says Dr. David Pichora, Chief of Orthopedics.

In fact, the hospital surpassed provincial reporting requirements, providing patient information on not just the province’s five priority areas (cardiac, cancer, cataract, hip and knee surgeries) and on CT and MRI scans, but on patients waiting for all types of surgeries.

“When the provincial reporting requirements expand to all areas of orthopedic surgery, there will be no additional work required,” Dr. Pichora says. “As well, our in-house system has given us invaluable insight into the effects of targeted funding for specific surgeries on other surgeries competing for the same limited resources.”

The Kingston-area hospitals were one of only two hospital systems in the province to reach full electronic integration with the Ontario system, says Dr. John Marshall, former chief of staff of KGH and CEO of AdapCS Canada Corp., which developed the Axcess.Rx software.

“I am delighted at how smoothly this integration in Kingston has gone, and with how little it has disrupted work at the hospitals or surgeons’ offices.” The provincial agency itself singled out the Kingston hospitals for their trouble-free integration, he says.

“We were very encouraged when it was reported to us by the WTIS that the Kingston integration was the most trouble-free in the province, despite it being one of the most complex.”

Not a single error message related to the Axcess.Rx software was received in more than 2,000 entries posted to the WTIS database, he notes.

Joe de Mora, CEO of Kingston General Hospital, says meeting the provincial WTIS requirements is the most recent indicator of the value of hospital’s wait-list tool to doctors, staff and patients. “We have had this software in operation for four years, and it has provided us with full information on all patients waiting for surgery,” he says. “It has also enabled us to better manage our resources to provide maximal access for our patients.”

About the WTIS
The Wait Time Information System of Ontario is part of the healthcare transformation agenda of the Government of Ontario aimed at reducing wait times. It requires hospitals to report in real time on patients waiting for surgeries and procedures in the areas of Cardiac Care, Cancer Care, Cataract Care and Hip and Knee Joint Replacement Surgery, and on MRI and CAT scans waiting.

About AdapCS Canada Corp.
AdapCS Canada was founded in 2003 based on technology developed at Kingston General Hospital. The company offers information technologies and services for the Canadian healthcare market that focus specifically on clinical and financial outcomes, accountability, and access to care. AdapCS was founded with the assistance of PARTEQ Innovations, the technology transfer office of Queen’s University and Kingston General Hospital.