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Physician IT

ICC HealthNet clinics install Clinicare

CLINICARE Corp. of Calgary has announced the latest addition to its Canadian customer base, ICC HealthNet Canada Inc. (ICCHN).

HealthNet is a Canadian company that currently provides primary care services for over 800,000 patient visits at its eight integrated Care Centres. These Care Centres, located in Mississauga, London, Toronto, Ottawa and Sarnia, combine family medicine, urgent care, and diagnostic/ancillary services.

ICCHN is planning to expand its multidisciplinary Care Centre clinical model, with new locations in Brampton, Edmonton, Calgary, and Collingwood. It also plans an expansion of services provided in the existing clinics in London and Ottawa.

Moreover, ICC HealthNet has acquired a multi-location rehabilitation/physiotherapy provider that will complement the existing Care Centre locations. ICCHN’s goal is to become the leading national provider of integrated primary healthcare services in Canada.

In 2006, ICCHN will commence implementing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in its Care Centres. Eventually 63 physicians in 30 centres will use the EMR system for all patient encounters.

“Electronic Medical Records will further improve the clinician’s practice efficiency and satisfaction, and will result in patient access to their medical information, health and wellness and adherence programs”, says ICC HealthNet CEO Kim H. Wei.

ICC HealthNet chose CLINICARE to install the EMR after carefully investigating all EMR vendors in Canada. “We chose CLINICARE because their system is robust, suitable for multiple sites, and will adapt for use by allied health professionals as well as physicians,” explains Wei. “CLINICARE products also have excellent functionality and their users expressed confidence in CLINICARE’s experience, longevity and reliability.”

Implementation will take place at one Care Centre at a time. The first Care Centre to go live will be Queentario in Mississauga, Ont. (practice management applications – PMA) in October 2006. The second will be the Sarnia-Lambton Care Centre in Sarnia, Ontario (PMA and EMR) followed by the Byron Medical Centre in London, Ont. (PMA and EMR).

“We are delighted that ICC HealthNet Canada Inc. has chosen CLINICARE to install the electronic medical record in their facilities,” says Dennis Niebergal, President and CEO of CLINICARE. “This is a large, multi-site, multidisciplinary venture for us. We are looking forward to utilizing our software to address the needs of physiotherapists and other allied health professionals working in HealthNet Care Centres. This is an exciting undertaking.”

On a related note, CLINICARE also announced that The Winnipeg Clinic, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is adopting the company’s EMR system. The Winnipeg Clinic, owned and operated by 55 physicians, is one of the largest multi-specialty clinics in Canada and offers a wide range of diagnostic facilities and health related services to its patients.

CLINICARE is upgrading the clinic’s practice management applications (patient scheduling and billing software) and installing Electronic Medical Records (EMR). The new practice management applications are up and running and the first group of physicians have commenced using the EMR system for all their patient encounters.

The physicians and staff at the Winnipeg Clinic decided unanimously to introduce an electronic medical record. They were becoming increasingly frustrated and stressed by the clinic’s antiquated and inefficient paper medical records system, suggests Winnipeg family physician Dr. Felix Sikora.

The clinic currently stores up to 600,000 paper charts on an entire floor of its 12-story building. “The return on investment from the transition to electronic charts will not only be monetary, but will include improved quality of care for patients and quality of life for physicians and staff,” said Dr. Sikora.

CLINICARE Corp. ( has specialized in software development for the ambulatory physician market since 1984. In 2005 CLINICARE won the Canadian Health Informatics Awards for Company of the Year and Corporate Citizenship. CLINICARE has also received the Best in Klas Achievement Award three years in a row for being North America’s highest rated ambulatory electronic medical record (EMR) for groups of 6-25 physicians. The company has branch offices in the United States and Canada. Its head office is in Calgary, Alberta.